Kyon Kennels’ Golden Retrievers

Kyon Kennels has bred British style Golden Retrievers since the early 1970s. We have produced many top-winning Best in Show Champions, several Obedience Trial Champions and Master Agility dogs, as well as reliable hunting dogs.

shea golden retriever championenglish cream hunting golden retrieversummer english cream golden retriever obedienceespen dixie golden retrieverespen dixie golden retrievermaster agility english golden  retrieversean, espen, ruby, puppystella english golden retriever

Our British style Golden Retrievers range in colour from the palest cream to a rich gold. We have produced cream Golden Retrievers for 40 years, long before this colour became popular. We, however, make no claim that a cream English-type Golden Retriever is somehow more valuable or healthier than those of ours which are a slightly darker shade.        medium light honey golden retriever

All our Golden Retrievers are bred to have the typical gentle and trustworthy temperament that makes for ideal family pets of exceptional longevity. The vast majority of our Golden Retrievers live well into their teen years. We have focused on making longevity a priority, for over 40 years. Early onset cancers are practically unheard of in a Kyon Golden Retriever. Please see our In Memoriam, the Happy Birthday and the Historysection, where we celebrate the exceptionally long lives of our Golden Retrievers.

A Kyon Kennels’ Golden Retriever Puppy is the result of:

Decades of experience and determination to seek out the very best of British, Scandinavian and North American English-type bloodlines. The result is our own carefully-developed breeding-program and the well known Kyon line. We are dedicated and passionate Golden Retrievers breeders who strive to produce dogs of exceptional quality that also conform to the breed-standard.

medium light cream golden retriever puppymedium cream golden retriever puppylight golden retriever puppyrich gold golden  retriever puppy

Kyon Kennels aims to breed Golden Retrievers which are:

  • Ideal family pets
  • Well balanced in mind and body
  • Breed typical in temperament and trainability
  • Eager retrievers and hunting companions
  • Bred specifically for longevity
  • British style or so-called English type
  • Gentle and sweet-tempered, yet fun-loving
  • Moderate in size, neither small and fine boned nor clunky and over-sized
  • Often potential Show/ Obedience/Agility dogs or recreational hunting companions

A typical Kyon Golden Retriever

Our Golden Retrievers are known for being sound in mind and body. We aim to produce well-structured Golden Retrievers, with a beautiful head, while conforming to the breed standards of both Canada and Britain (country of origin). This means that we aim to breed a Golden Retriever with a strong hunting desire and high trainability. Our dogs are also sweet-tempered and gentle and thus ideal family-pets. Our breeding stock all have certified clear hips, elbows, eyes and heart. Most of our dogs are also titled and we actively compete with our dogs . For decades, Kyon Kennels has been known for our cream English type Golden Retrievers, but rest assured that colour is insignificant to us and always secondary to the temperament, hunting desire and high trainability, health and longevity of our puppies. Some of our favourite dogs have been rich golden in colour while others have been the lightest cream.

Mick english champion cream golden retriever                  sheaster english champion rich gold  golden retriever                    shea BIS winning english cream golden retriever


Our Golden Retriever Puppies

We take special care to ensure that our puppies go to homes committed to their well-being. Our puppies (as pets or for show) come with

  • Registration with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
  • A contract including 3-year health guarantee (hyperlink to Downloadable Resources)
  • A vet certificate of good health
  • The first set of shots
  • A Puppy package including a 4 generation pedigree and all clearances on both parents
  • A detailed “How To raise a Kyon Golden Sheet” (hyperlink to Documentation)
  • Ongoing support throughout your dog’s life

Call or email us to book a visit or find out about our latest Golden Retriever puppy litter

Kyon Kennels’ significant impact on the gene-pool in Canada and the US

Even though we’ve had great success with the health and longevity of our home-bred dogs, we remain proactive in broadening the gene-pool. We regularly import Golden Retrievers from the best Scandinavian and English bloodlines. Kyon also combines these outstanding pedigrees with the finest British style Golden Retrievers in North America. Our stud-dogs are regularly used across North America and many a Golden Retriever breeder has also gotten their start in Golden Retriever with a show-quality puppy from us. As a result, KYON dogs have made a significant impact on the Golden Retriever gene-pool in Canada and the US, and our dogs are found in many pedigrees from coast to coast in North America.

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