Present Females

  • CH. Kyon's Across The UniverseCH. Kyon's Across The Universe

    VERA is an exciting addition to our breeding program, with a partially new pedigree that still maintains much of the old Kyon lines. Vera has OFA EXCELLENT hips and is a happy, outgoing, yet super gentle dog. She has the traits of a steady, focused retriever.

  • Ch. Kyon's Chit ChatCh. Kyon's Chit Chat

    Kyon is so happy to add our brilliant Katie aka Ch Kyon's Chit Chat to the breeding program. Katie got her championship title undefeated in the open class, at the tender age of only 18 months. She is a striking looking girl , medium cream in colour, with a beautifully strong head and overall superb structure.

  • Ch Kyon's Fire up the MochaCh Kyon's Fire up the Mocha

    Mocha , aka; ch Kyon's fire up the Mocha, is a perfect little package. Medium cream in colour Mocha is a sunny confident girl, extremely well structured with a sweet smile and gorgeous head. Her hips are scored an OFA EXCELLENT

  • Kyon's As The Saying Goeschatter light cream english golden retriever female

    Chatter is a stunning girl. With a light cream colour, she is a striking-looking girl with a beautiful full coat. Moderate in size and elegant in looks she has a gorgeous head and expression.

  • Kyon's Haley's CometKyon's Haley's Comet

    Haley is much like her mother Star in her exceptionally sweet and kind disposition. Otherwise she is just like her father Mick in that she is very clever and an eternally happy dog.

  • Kyon's Waltzing MatildaKyon's Waltzing Matilda

    Matilda is an outstanding female with a beautiful wavy medium gold coat. Perfectly suited She is like her father Ollie with a lot of substance and retrieving drive. She also shares her mother Boogie's intelligence.

  • Kyon's Baby Janecream golden retriever puppy

    Jane has 5 points towards her championship and we are excited to see her in the ring again at the end of November. She is truly a stunning golden retriever and we fully expect her to receive her championship.

  • Kyon's Glory DaysKyon's Glory Days

    Glory is sired by our Euchre and she is much like him; in her happy, always-smiling disposition and confident mannerisms.

  • Kyon's Diamond LilMissing image
  • Kyon's Don't CrayMissing image