Kyon Golden Retriever History

pamilla golden retriever female englishKyon Kennels’ First Golden Retriever

In 1970 we purchased our first Golden Retriever, a female named Pamilla, mostly descended from the old English Drexholme and Boltby lineages. Pamilla introduced us to the show-world and she also went on to produce our first two litters and our first Canadian Champion. Our experience with Pamilla began our love affair with the Golden Retriever breed. Pamilla taught us what a Golden Retriever should be – a beautiful dog, with strong hunting desire while sound in mind and body, with a keen intelligence and a gentle disposition. Because of Pamilla, we’ve worked to develop our own distinct line under the KYON prefix.

Our First Golden Retriever litter

pamilla english golden puppies
Binti long lived golden retriever femaleSanto long lived english golden retriever
Dickie english golden retriever of longevityOur very first litter all lived until their seventeenth year. The dam was our own Pamilla and the sire was Dickie (nor ch Camrose Voravey 1871-1988). We were complete novices as breeders , but luckily had stumbled upon a combination of Golden Retrievers of exceptional longevity. Having a whole litter live until its 17th year set the standard extremely high for us and ever since that time we have always strived for longevity and soundness in mind and body in our Golden Retriever puppies. For 40 years, we’ve been committed to breeding for longevity. In a day when many Golden Retrievers die at such a young age, Kyon Kennels is proud that the average KYON Golden Retriever can be expected to live an exceptionally long life, with minimal health issues.  Dickie has remained in all our pedigrees  ever since  our first litter and thus remains a major influence on all our golden retrievers to this date. He was owned by Grete Sofie and Eivind Mjaerum in Norway and was bred by Joan Tudor.

Our first top winner: Shea (1981-1996)

Shea male champion english cream  golden longevity
In 1981 we imported a phenomenal golden retriever puppy from Norway. Shea (Bda ch & Can BIS/BISS Ch Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS)grew up to be a handsome cream golden retriever and won a total of 11 Best in shows in Canada; an unheard of achievement for such a light English type Golden retriever. He was also a keen retriever and garnered many obedience titles. By design he was also a descendant of the sire (Dickie – Nor sh ch Camrose Voravey, 1969-1986) of our first litter, since we wanted to maintain that line of exceptional longevity. Shea is behind almost every Kyon golden retriever of today. He was a marvelous producer and for well over a decade he had the honour of being called the top producing Golden Retriever in Canada.

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