Kyon Kennels’ Norwegian Buhunds


Per first norwegian buhund in canada Leitegard’s Dristig-Per Kyon (the first Norwegian Buhund imported, by Kyon, in 1989).

Kyon Kennels introduced the Norwegian Buhund to Canada in 1989. We actively influenced the Canadian Kennel Club’s acceptance of the Norwegian Buhund as a fully recognized breed here by 1995. Since then we have bred Best in show winners, numerous champions, obedience trial champions, master agility dogs. We also take pride in producing just good farm dogs; the kind that like nothing better than to herd any type of lives-stock, from fowl, to goats and sheep, to beef cattle.siv norwegian buhund herding sheep BIS/ Grand ch Kyon’s Freidige Siv- the top winning buhund in Canada- herding sheep

Our Buhund breeding stock all has certified clear eyes and hips. Over the past 20 plus years we have developed a strong and exceptionally healthy Kyon line of clear wheaten Norwegian Buhunds, at a time when this ancient breed is nearing extinction in its home country.
IDAR Champion Norwegian  Buhund maleAm/Can Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman- a typical young champion Kyon Norwegian Buhund

The Buhund is a highly intelligent herding dog of exceptional sweet temperament. This breed is an ideal house-dog since it is a naturally affectionate pet and highly trainable. A good Kyon Buhund will also be lovingly nurturing towards ALL babies, both of the human and furry kind. This is a breed for the discriminating buyer in that it is strikingly good-looking, with its medium size, thick; yet close-fitting coat, wheaten colour (ranging from pale cream to rich gold) and dark eyes. A good Buhund is agile and alert and like all Nordic breeds possesses a incredible independent intelligence, resulting in remarkable problem-solving skills.

aesir -obedience champion norwegian buhund maleTOP Obedience Norwegian Buhund  in Canada in 2009-CH/OTCH Kyon’s Freidige Aesir

Norwegian Buhund dogs are known to be

  • sweet and loving in temperament
  • playful and outgoing in nature
  • friendly towards all other dogs, cats, people
  • loyal family pets
  • exceptionally good with children
  • long lived (16-18 years is not unheard of)
  • genetically extremely sound
  • very intelligent, superb problem solvers
  • highly trainable, well suited for obedience sports
  • eye-catching show dogs
  • exceedingly agile dogs, well suited for the sport of agility
  • superb herding dogs with a strong instinct
  • alert watch dogs , but not ’guardy’ (unless provoked)
  • one of the most ancient dog-breeds known to mankind
  • a rare breed, in danger of extinction

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