BISS ch Kyon’s Passionate Sheaster (OS) (2000-2011)

sheaster english golden retrieverWe are heartbroken to report that our dear Sheaster was felled within 2 weeks of starting his 12th year. Relapsing Lyme disease (since age 3) likely predisposed him for a foreshortened lifespan.

We received the news that he was in severe pain; from a variety of issues; a raging infection, as well as an advanced degenerative disc disease (with fracture) and moreover; also beginning osteosarcoma.

There are not enough words in the world to explain how hard it was to receive this news and to therefore make the decision to kindly let him go and end his obvious suffering. We deeply grieve over the loss of our darling brave boy , who had more HEART than any dog we have ever known.

Sheaster was also a keenly birdy dog, he once caught a pheasant in midair, as it was rising out of the underbrush, and gently brought it to hand- with no training he knew exactly what to do… it is therefore no surprise to us that he produced more working dogs than any other stud-dogs of ours, whether these are dogs with advanced hunting and working  titles- or those working actively as service dogs. Sheaster was also a Best in Specialty winner and also won several JAMs at other specialities, all from the the veteran class.

Throughout our many tears, we still celebrate Sheaster’s tremendously productive  life and take comfort in knowing he will live on forever , in his many talented offspring. But oh- how much we will miss him… Rest in Peace, Sheaster.

Sheaster’s sire was BISS ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS) and his dam was ch Kyon’s hearts afire.

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  1. Brenda Roszell says:

    Sheaster was the father of our dog Riley. Riley is almost 8 years old and the light of our lives. He is such a funny guy always ready to play with any child who comes to visit. He stands in line at the slide with our grandchildren. We hear the kids saying “Riley it’s our turn now”. he slides down and gives them a turn. He is such a good boy . He is missing his companion Abby who passed away on May 4th. He is constantly by my side ready for a walk or just a hug.

  2. Brenda Roszell says:

    The picture of Sheaster looks almost identical to Abby(her sire was Sherhaven’s Sheaman).

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