Can Ch Kyon’s Vademecum Laddie (1987-2004)

laddie english  champion golden retriever longevity

ch Kyon's Vadenecum Laddie (1987-2004)

5 days past his seventeenth birthday Laddie was gently laid to rest. We are left with
all the wonderful memories of a truly exceptional dog.

“People who live doglessly
Remain a mystery to me.
Dogs, several or singular,
Help you discover who you are,
And then dogs, courteous and kind,
Help you live with what you find.”                                                                                 Jean Little; “Why Dogs”

Laddie was fondly owned by Mark Whitcombe and family. We are so proud
to have been his breeders.

To read more about Laddie please visit our happy birthday section, where
we descibe his many acomplishments.

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