Kyon Kennels’ Buddy System

Kyon Kennels offers a unique pairing program for your dog. After careful assessing your dog’s temperament we will pair them with one of our gentle Golden retrievers or with one of our playful Norwegian Buhunds. We typically match dogs that have compatible energy levels and are of a similar age. The Buddy program is recommended but only used with the owner’s approval. Dogs that are aggressive or fearful of other dogs can have their own individual pen and do not have to participate in the Buddy System.

Our own dogs are extremely sweet tempered and non-conformational. The boarding dog usually draws comfort and confidence from having a buddy. Dogs are social creatures and we therefore have found that they do much better if they can have constant companionship and social interaction with other dogs. The buddy stays with your pet throughout the day, they sleep together, they play together and they exercise together. They are, however, fed separately. Let our pet show your pet the ropes!

Buddy System - Indoor PensWe strongly feel that the dog that always has a gentle buddy (to share the boarding experience with) is a happy healthy and well-adjusted dog! Social isolation is stressful and can lead to the type of health problems reported with some kennel experiences. Get A Buddy! Come to KYON!

Because our kennel was designed around the concept of the “Buddy System” we have pens for your pet which are much roomier than the narrow pens found in many boarding facilities. With bigger pens and free access to go in and out as they please, your pet and their “buddy” need not feel stressed.