Kyon Kennels Pet & Dog Boarding since 1978

Kyon Kennels Boarding: serving your pet and dog boarding needs: Toronto to Collingwood including Orangeville, Shelburne, Alliston, Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie and the Greater Toronto Area. 

inside the kennel


At Kyon Kennels, we say that experience matters! Since 1978, Kyon Kennels has provided a friendly, positive pet or dog boarding atmosphere for all our clients – human and furry or feathery.

No dog is too big or too small.  No dog is too aggressive or too shy.  Every dog has unique personality traits. Whatever type of dog you have we can accommodate your needs.

More than basic boarding – a pet resort

We also offer so much more than your pet’s basic needs.  Whether it’s long walks before breakfast or lap time after supper, we will do our best to mimic your dog’s or pet’s routines and make them as comfortable as possible.  Utilizing our extra services, like dog walks and personalized play time will help your pet feel like they are at home.

Best of all we can make the stay at Kyon Kennels feel like a resort getaway.  More walks and playtime than they’ve had before!  Your dog will meet and bond with new doggy friends with our Buddy System!  Your pet can have a bath, get its hair cut and nails trimmed! They’ll learn new tricks or address troublesome issues with our training programs! Your pets will always be happy to come back to Kyon Kennels.

A stress free boarding experience for you and your pet

When boarding at Kyon Kennels, your pet is within easy reach

    • Our boarding kennels are situated on our rural property north of Toronto, near Shelburne, Orangeville and Alliston. We live on this property as well and our doors are always open to our customers in the event of an emergency.

Our convenient dog and pet shuttle services can help you in a bind

    • Don’t have the time to drop off or pick up your pet? We offer a pet shuttle service. Pre-arrange shuttle services makes your getaway planning less stressful.

Your pet’s boarding environment is a social & safe environment at Kyon

    • We’re a family-run business. The Barr-Klouman Clan (including our grandchildren) have been immersed in the world of animals for a life-time and have a great love and understanding of them. Your cat or dog will receive attention, affection, and care from adults and children (where appropriate).  
    • Our friendly staff are committed. A key requirement for working at Kyon Kennels is a passion for dogs and animals of all kinds.

Come visit our pet resort at Kyon Kennels to see and experience our full range of pet boarding services.

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