Leitegard’s Dristig Per Kyon

Per wheaten male norwegian buhund


Per was the first Norwegian Buhund imported to Canada and became the foundation male for Kyon kennels. He was an elegant dog, had exceptional type and structure and he moved like the wind. Per was also a wonderful house-pet, but he did not enjoy dog shows , so after after winning the herding group at rare breed shows- multiple times- he retired to sire puppies and herd our cattle. A soft and sweet dog, he was highly biddable and incredibly clever. Per unfortunately died prematurely, when he slipped out of our front gate and chased a car and was instantly killed. Due to his high herding drive he could not resist herding anything that moved. We mourned his death for a long time, but took comfort in knowing that he lives on in his many Kyon descendants. A clear self-cloured wheaten he exemplified correct Norwegian Buhund type.

Rapp Hein Mascot
Tanja Ponto
Int & Nordic Ch Leitegard’s Pearl Int & Norw & Swe Ch Nordweiler’s Goliat Ch Cato
Int & Nordic Ch Leitegard’s Josefine Ch Cato