Ch Kyon’s Magic Tricks (1993-2007)

vicky english golden retriever champion female

CH kyon's magic tricks 1993-2007

Vicky was one of those dogs that we thought would keep on living for a really long time. Her advanced age should of course have warned us that every new day was a blessing, but in her case we just did not expect to lose her quite yet. Vicky seemed so strong, so full of life and spunk. Strongly muscled and in gleaming coat, she was in fabulous shape for her age…

It was therefore a shock, when she suddenly was gone this early spring- after just a brief week of intestinal upset, which in turn triggered a massive stroke.

Vicky lived a happy and productive life with her owners Ed and Anita McDougald and sometimes she also spent some time with us (her co-owners) at Kyon Kennels. We all loved Vicky – and we all miss her so.

Vicky was a funny, quirky dog – a dog that met any visitor with a shoe in her mouth and a smile on her face, a dog that demanded to be fed at the exact same time every day (at 6 AM and again at 5 PM), a dog that insisted on being petted – and who readily gave lots of love in return, a dog that was extra happy whenever she could go for a long hunting expeditions in the bush. She was affectionately called “the Princess” a most fitting title for a dog that was so affectionately indulged.

As one of our more prolific brood-bitches Vicky raised 3 large, healthy litters – and never was she happier than when she was nursing her babies- especially since at these times she had unlimited access to all the feed she could possibly eat! Her offspring can be found across this continent and on both sides of the border, with new generations continuing on Vicky’s tradition of being completely sound- in mind and body. We find comfort in knowing that although she is gone, Vicky’s bloodline will carry on- through her many outstanding descendants.

Thank you Ed and Anita, for providing the best possible home for “the princess”. We grieve with you, over the loss of such a truly lovable dog.

A homebred champion, Vicky was sired by Ch Kyon’s Rock’n Roll (OS) out of the dam Ch Kyon’s Hocus Pocus CD.

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