THOR (1997-2012)

Thor norwegian buhund male long lived A great dog, with a wonderful heart is gone. Never a show dog and never bred, Thor still became an integral part of our family life, and we were very glad of that. Thor exemplified the typical Norwegian Buhund: He was a great ambassador for the breed. He was always friendly, very alert, independent- and truly brilliant.
We (Karin and Wally) just got the news of Thor’s passing via phone. We are in Spain on holiday (left just yesterday) – and it makes it hard that we were not there. However, our daughter Elise (another dedicated Norwegian Buhund enthusiast) had come home from university to stay with Thor and help our son and partner Sean with the other dogs at Kyon, while we are away.
Thanks for being there for Thor, Elise. His time had just come, but we are so glad you had come home for him: You were one of his favourite people in the whole world. Thor died this late afternoon, lying in his favourite spot -by the fireplace in our kitchen- having suddenly passed away in his sleep.
Rest in Peace Thor, we will miss you so much.

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  1. Lorna Woods says:

    My beloved Heike who I bought from you when he was 4 years old, passed away on his 14th birthday, on Sunday June 10th. He quietly passed away in his favourite spot, on a rug in the front hall. He had become very disabled and although he was getting Glucosapet and before that Meloxicam, his mobility had deteriorated for about a year. He was a behavioural challenge, not a mean bone in his body but just constantly thinking of things to do and some of the things he thought up weren’t acceptable like eating a guest’s Birkenstocks or my nylons or a guest’s purse strap and on and on. The challenges he presented endeared him all the more to me because everything in my life revolved around him, keeping him busy and happy but under control
    The last few months I had to assist him to get on his feet on slippery floors and up and down steps to and from the back deck. I had to lift him in and out of the car for many months. I miss him at every turn especially when I come home from errands and he isn’t there to greet me. RIP Heike.

    • karin says:

      oh my goodness, i am so sorry to hear that Heik is gone. i rember him so well; he certainly was one VERY special dog- and oh so beautiful, in mind and body. i loved him– and it was terribly hard to place him. i am very glad to hear he had such a happy life with you and that he was in a home where he was obviously deeply loved. thanks for letting me know. oh Heik, i’ll never forget you…

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