SOTA (Ch Norrhund Sote Fame at Kyon)

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved SOTA (Ch Norrhund Sote Fame at Kyon). SOTA suffered another acute episode of Vestibular Syndrome this past weekend, and this one she sadly could not recover from. We made the hard decision to let her go, while ensuring that her passing was gentle and kind. SOTA was at home and lying comfortably on Karin’s lap, in one of her favourite spots; in the shade, with a soft summer breeze and her best buddy Jarl walking back and forth always checking up on her. Our compassionate veterinarian Dr. Penny Rowland helped her pass, and now our darling sweet girl has been buried here on our farm where she lived such a long, productive and happy life. We will miss her terribly, but take comfort in knowing that she lives on through her many descendants. RIP darling girl, and thank You for being the best little buhund possible. Our thanks also go out to our friend Hildegard Mueller, who entrusted SOTA to our care so many years ago.

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