BISS Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS) (1990-2005)

Our beloved Sheaman has just today left us… and we are lost without him. He was 15 years and 3 months… Such a long life, lived so very well and I know we should celebrate that, but it is still so very hard to not see his smiling face.

There are so many memories of life with Sheaman that I could write a book- but most of all we will remember his tremendous sense of humor. Not a day went by, without our eternal puppy making us laugh. He wore food bowls on his head as a top-hat, he banged the same bowls around for the sheer fun of making a loud bang, he laid on top of my children as he crawled into their beds and took over their sleeping space, he endlessly nudged us all for more pats (because of him our kids coined the phrase pushy-love dog)- and he mischievously got into my make-up bag more times than I can count (he liked to wear lipstick). Sheaman was most of all a very funny dog!

His working desire and his birdiness was also something to behold, he was trained through CDX, but unfortunately could not be trialed due to an injury. He loved to jump and to retrieve – he followed hand-signals to a T. Although never formally field trained, twice I experienced him catching live pheasant in midair as they rose out of the underbrush – and he did the same with a pigeon, who had flown into the kennel. These bird he gently and proudly delivered to my hand.

He was also a star in the show-ring, as a veteran he flew around proudly showing off, winning numerous veteran classes, best veteran in sweeps, JAMS and also a Best In Specialty Show. Sheaman truly was a star and he just shone in so many ways…

I know his star will continue to shine brightly, through so many of his off spring: coming down from him there are numerous champions and foundation dogs for other breeders, also Obedience dogs, Hunting dogs, Guide dogs for the Blind, Service Dogs and most of all so many beloved family pets.. whose owners always tell me the same thing; their dogs have incredible character, they are So funny and they love to make you laugh.

Sheaman was also the undisputed king of our kennel, he greeted every dog-boarder that has ever come by here, with a happy curiosity and exuberant good will. He equally happily welcomed their owners (more chances for pats!) and even in these last few weeks he still would get quite enamoured whenever any female in season came for a visit.

Furthermore Sheaman was the strongest and the most courageous dog I have ever known. Despite his aging body he still wanted to live every day to the fullest. He wanted no help, he would get to his feet and wander around, lying down to rest when it suited him, but then always picking himself up and carrying on but today; the dog who has always had such tremendous zest for life and heart for doing everything required of him (plus much more) asked me with his eyes to please let him go- and so with the outmost gratitude for what he has meant to us all we therefore bid him goodbye. My children kissed him farewell, while he for the last time nudged their hands, for that final pat. I held him in my arms, while we sat together in the shade, until he had slipped away.

And then the light went out of our day…

Sheaman is fondly remembered and sadly missed by Karin and Wally, plus the whole Barr-Klouman family and by Julie Harwood Jones, our kennel manager. He will also never be forgotten by the many, many other people, whose life he so touched throughout his long and very productive life.

Sheaman was bred by Liz Sherren of Sherhaven Kennel. We thank Liz and Bill for entrusting us with this outstanding dog. He was sired by our BIS Ch Mjaerumhogdas Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) out of the dam; Ch My Darling Clementine.

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  1. Brenda Roszell says:

    This is the father of our beautiful Abby. It’s so amazing to read about his personality that was so similar to our girl. Even in her last few weeks she was still wanting to greet everyone for a pat and a hug. She was funny and sweet and everyone loved her. She set the bar high for all of friends and family. Everyone wanted a dog as wonderful as Abby.

    • seanbk says:

      Thanks for your kind words Brenda. We counted ourselves lucky to have such a great boy and clearly you had an amazing amazing girl as well.

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