You will be missed : Phoebe

The last of our Romeo’s (ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot (OS)) siblings has now passed away. All 4 litter-mates from the ‘Hot litter’ made it well past 15 years of age. Yesterday we received the sad news that our ‘Manhattan-girl’; “Phoebe” had humanely been let go … and so there is another star in the heavens shining brightly today. Phoebe made it into her 18th year – in large part thanks to her dedicated owner Harriet Goodman, who writes that” I had to put Phoebe down today. She was in pain, and so the vet came to my home. This was the most amazing dog I have ever known, and I thank you for nearly two decades of joy I had with her. As you can see she was as beautiful as ever to the end. I am so grateful. With love and sadness, Harriet”
We are deeply saddened to learn this news, but also we celebrate Phoebe’s long and productive life, with such a caring and supportive owner. This line is still going strong with the numerous descendants of Phoebe’s litter brother Romeo part of the current day Kyon breeding-program. We draw great comfort from seeing the circle of life continuing on; with new Romeo and Phoebe look-alikes growing up. And so we know; that although the first Kyon ‘hot’- litter have now all passed away, we have many bright futures for upcoming generations to look forward to– and neither Phoebe nor Romeo will thus ever be truly gone.

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5 Responses to You will be missed : Phoebe

  1. Allison says:

    My heart goes out to Phoebe’s family.

    • karin says:

      thanks for your kind words .

    • Harriet Goodman says:

      Dear Allison,
      Thank you for your kind words. I miss her very much, but so many friends and neighbors who knew her tell me how much she meant to them. In Manhattan, we live close together, so people with dogs share the lives of our dogs every day on the streets and in the Park. I have a whole community of support–people who have known her for years, doormen who gave her cookies, store owners who left out water. And my wonderful neighbors who left me notes and flowers when they found out she was gone. I see her in the pictures on Karin’s site, so I know she endures in the beautiful Kyon goldens.

  2. Judith Rosenberger says:

    It was my pleasure to know Phoebe a bit over many years. No-one in the animal world was more well loved and well-protected. She would stop foot traffic on the Avenue in New York with her beauty and grace, and her owner added to her grace by her own evident devotion, appreciation, and care. I will miss her. Her owner/family will miss her. She was exceptional in every way.

  3. sarah and mark pieropan says:

    Phoebe was close to our hearts because of her beautiful spirit! She will always be remembered on the Foggy River Farm as a family member and a distinquished Lady!!!! XOXO

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