Ch Kyon’s Hearts Afire (OD) (1994-2006)

Passion champion english golden retriever  feamle

ch Kyon's Hearts Afire

Passion, to our great sorrow, has passed away. It happened this past late fall, with her owner Margie Orrock at her side. Passion had lived with Margie for the past 5 years, as her beloved family-pet. In October of 2005 Passion contracted acute gastro-enteritis. Although all tests were normal, she was still slowly going downhill – and so she was eventually let go – with all the dignity that she so richly deserved…

We were on holidays in Spain last November and came home to the news that Passion had just died, shortly before our return. Our shock was great, as this was ,to us, such an unexpected loss. Since then it has taken me a very long time to be able to find the right words to formulate our grief over having lost Passion. First now, in the summer of 2006, has the pain of her death finally subsided enough for me to write Passion’s ” in memoriam”.

These days, I finally can take great comfort in seeing Passion all around me. She is still here; in the overall look of her son Sheaster, in the sweet manner of her daughter Emmy, in the birdyness of her grandson Copper, in the soft expression of her great-grandson Ollie; and so on…

Passion’s legacy at Kyon has indeed been huge. A more influential brood bitch we have hardly owned – and we watch with pride as generations upon generations of her offspring still continue to make her special mark on the breed. Not only was Passion an outstandingly sound producer, she was a darling dog – kind and gentle in spirit. Passion was furthermore extremely loyal in nature. Once you had won her heart, you had it forever.

Passion was also stunningly beautiful. In fact, she was a breath-taking dog to watch, as she trotted through our fields and bush; her richly golden and wavy coat always gleaming in the sun-light.

Passion will forever be sadly missed and fondly remembered by Karin and Wally, by the whole Barr-Klouman clan – and of course also by the extended Orrock family.

Thank you; Margie, for loving our sweet Passion with all your heart.

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