Ch Kyon’s Lady Madonna (1988-2005)

Last week we got a very sad message, one that we knew was coming, but still we did not really feel prepared for. One of the favorite dogs that we have ever produced had passed away, after a very long life.

Lady lived nearby us in her first few years – and so we all knew her well. We saw her often in those first years, while she was growing up. We counseled her family through her slightly obnoxious puppy stage – and after that she often came by for a little stay. Then later we rejoiced with the Bennet family when she so easily won her championship.

We remember Lady as girl of dignity and kindness. She was also a supremely well-put-together Golden, so beautiful in mind and body… but also with plenty of character. Lady was the kind of golden any breeder strive to produce.

Lady was supposed to have litters, having passed all her clearances with flying colours. Unfortunately such was not the case – and she instead was spayed after a couple of failed attempts. She then retired to fulfill the very role she was most perfect for: Lady was the ideal family pet.

It is therefore with pride we celebrate Lady’s long 17 years of life and it is with such sadness that we now say goodbye.

Our hearts go out to the Bennet family, who we know must miss Lady so. As Dave Bennet himself said in his email to me:

” It is with great sorrow that we advise you that Lady, Ch Kyon’s Lady Madonna, passed away on July 11, 2005. She had just turned 17 years old on May 3rd.

True to her character, Lady remained bright and alert to the very end. Unfortunately in the last few weeks, her body began to fail her, so she was quietly let go – with the dignity that she so fully deserved.

It’s very difficult to express what she meant to us other than to say, Lady was truly an extraordinary dog and it was a privilege to have been part of her life.

Lady will forever be lovingly remembered and so sadly missed by the whole Bennett family and by all who knew her. With sadness… Dave”

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