Kyon’s Adenac Trapper, Am JH, Am WC, Am CDX, Am CGC, an WC, Can CD (1992-2006)

trapper english cream golden retriever

Trapper 1992-2006

This past December 2006 Trapper passed away at 14 and a half years. We mourn the loss of a truly great Working Retriever and a much beloved family pet.

Trapper was always a very gentle and loving dog. He did extremely well in obedience, as well as in the field-plus he was a wonderful representative of the breed. He was truly loved wherever he went, which indeed were many places; he even took part in guest appearances on TV shows! Tolerant in spirit and gentle in manner, he helped raise the Vaelholter children– and with endless patience he always put up with his younger “brother” Elvis (Kyon’s Hunk of Burning Love WC).

Trapper was proudly owned and trained by Vali Vaelholter. Purchased as a pet, he was her very first dog – and what a superb job she did in nurturing Trapper’s many talents! In Vali own words:

“We sadly lost Trapper late Sunday night. He had a sudden pneumothorax or simply his lungs collapsed; so I had him euthanized- after the girls and I said our goodbyes.

He went peacefully in my arms.

Karin, he was the best dog. Truly an amazing animal and he will be missed tremendously. We are lucky to have had him for such an incredibly long time and we have nothing but terrific memories of all the great things we did and his accomplishments.

We are all quite sad, although I believe Elvis is taking it the hardest. He really misses his best buddy. Time will heal all and I am sure he will bounce back quickly with all the love and special treatment he is now getting being the #1 dog.”

Our hearts go out to the Vaelholter family.. and we thank you for providing such a special home for this wonderful dog.

Trapper’s sire was Ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall (OS) and his dam was Ch Kyon’s Miss Shalamar

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