Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon (OD) (1991-2008)

Fancy female champion cream golden retriever

Can ch Hollymere's Shea's Fancy (OD) 17 years

The dreaded day has come — and now our dear old girl is gone forever. Our “tomboy” girl has left us.

Fancy spent practically 17 years with us, and she had become an integral part of the fabric of our every-day life. Today I find myself looking around for her – it’s as if I am still expecting to see her smiling face and her impish look of sheer determination. The shock of then realizing that she is not here – that she has passed on – feels like a blow to the gut, all over again. Given her age we of course knew we were on borrowed time, but still the loss feels so acute.

The sun is shining today — it is a glorious winter day — and I know Fancy would have loved to roll in the snow with her buddy MacGyver. He looks so  lost today, too — and so I give him a good pat and offer him an extra biscuit, which he gratefully takes – but he’s not willing to fetch a ball (for the first time, ever) and he now suddenly seems ‘old’ (he’s going on 12). I notice there is a light that is missing in his eyes, and so I know that he is grieving as much as we are.

Fancy collapsed yesterday – and this time I knew she would not rally. She refused food last night – for the first time in her life. She soon slipped into a deep sleep, which she never woke up from. and so 17 years of a good life, very well lived – has come to an end. Her passing is the end to an era really; Fancy was our very last Shea (bda/can BIS Ch Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surpsise CDX (OS )) – offspring still alive.

Like her father and many of her siblings/half siblings she lived a very long and rich life. She always found pleasure in each new day: Even as she was getting very old and was beginning to have some difficulty moving around she insisted on strolling up and down the lane – between the kennel and house — while at other times she would wander into the barnyard… looking for cats to “chase” or other interesting things to do (such as rolling in muck). Impaired by several strokes in the last few years she would stumble sometimes, but with a fierce independence she wanted NO help to get to her feet, she would stubbornly pick herself up and carry on. Fancy had such a tremendous will to live … I therefore knew that when she no longer wanted try to keep going, that we had come to the end of her road.

Fancy continues to live through her many descendants here at Kyon as well as in many other bloodlines throughout north America. She has been a hugely influential force in the golden reretriver world.. there are many goldens on both sides of the border who carries her name somewhere in their family tree. She made a huge impact especially through her son Fire (Ch Kyon’s Great Balls of Fire) and her grandson Bugsey (Ch Kyon’s Hot Bugsey).

Fancy is sadly missed and fondly rembered by Karin and Wally , the whole Barr-klouman family and all those that have worked for Kyon over the past 17 years. Also deeply grieving is her best buddy MacGyver (ch Kyon’s Escape Artist).

Fancy was bred by Hollymere goldens (Kate McDermot and Denis Couture). Her sire was bda/can BIS ch Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise cdx (OS) and her dam was Linchael Christmas Cracker. Thank you Kate and Denis for entrusting us with our wonderful girl, so many years ago.

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