Ch Foxwood Xtra Edition at Kyon (1991-2006)

eddie male champion english golden retriever

ch foxwood Xtra edition at Kyon 1991-2006

A beautiful boy has passed away. Suddenly, from what was likely a massive stroke, Eddie collapsed in his owner Ann Loch’s home. He was helped by his veterinarian and gently let go; with both his owners Ann and Stephen, at his side.

The promise of protecting our dogs from protracted suffering was thereby fulfilled and peacefully Eddie’s wonderful strong and sweet soul moved on… leaving us with all the memories to ponder.

I remember Eddie as a puppy in his breeder’s kitchen – the smallest of all the boys in the litter, he was still the puppy that caught my eye with his perfect balance. I remember him later in my kitchen, playfully chasing after Killy, the cat – and then bravely climbing the stairs at 8 weeks to follow after me – wanting to sleep in my bed his first night away from his littermates.. I remember indulging him that night and many days thereafter as I watched him grow up to a handsome and strong young dog. I remember watching him run in our fields – his iron topline never failing… I remember watching him fly off the dock and swimming happily, in our pond.

I remember thinking that this dog must have a purpose… and I was right, but this was a purpose he had to find through a round-about-way.

I remember one day meeting Ann and Stephen for the first time… and I remember the tremendous weight that fell from my shoulders when I realized that Eddie had now finally found his “forever” home. Some dogs arrive at their destiny by following a winding path. Eddie was such a dog – but when he found his place of love, the relief I felt was great.

And then as often happens; through our dogs new friendships are forged. Eddie was exactly such a catalyst. Ann and Stephen became close friends and we continue to work together, all these years later.

Proudly I have watched that Eddie has made his mark on the breed. He continues to live on in many pedigrees. Thanks Ann and Stephen for taking Eddie into your hearts.

Eddie was bred by Ann Wood Johnson of Foxwood reg’d Golden Retrievers. His sire was our own ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall and his dam was ch Foxwood Platinum Gold.

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