Dixie (Ch Aon’s Last waltz)

10481477_10152286754558106_7604899281392716927_n 10532791_10152286754438106_3570187019474094869_n 10516801_10152286754328106_2305999519117794406_nToday we celebrate the life of Dixie (Ch Aon’s Last Waltz), while we at the same time deeply mourn her loss. We laugh and smile, while we remember our fabulously sunny and oh-so endearing girl, yet we cry our many tears. Dixie made it part way into her 12th year, and so she did not live for as long as we had hoped for or expected; yet her life was full and wonderful. She was gently let go while being lovingly held in the arms of her retirement owner Robert Lindsy Milne. Robert provided the very best home that any dog of ours could ever have wished for. Thank your Robert,for all you have done in the 6 plus years she lived with you. We are so grateful that you also were strong enough to give her the final gift that we as responsible pet-owners can offer our dogs;to peacefully let them go and avoid any prolonged suffering. Our many thanks also go out to Ann and Stephen Loch of AON Golden retrievers for letting us have Dixie so many years ago. She was ALL we could have asked for and much much more. REST IN PEACE dearest Dixie girl, you will live on in your descendants.

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