1401_10152114480108106_6188329619569288801_n 1525642_10152100217013106_2978909040511883440_n 10246722_10152114480063106_3820084163940518637_n 10259762_10152114480128106_6124807654410408597_n 10269412_10152114480218106_6774415419111114353_nIt breaks our hearts to announce that an era has sadly ended at Kyon, as our beloved DAVEY (CH DEWMIST DAVENPORT OS, 1998- 2014) aka, the KING of KYON has passed away. There are no words to fully describe the pain of losing one of the most charming, funny and vigorous dog ever. We were deeply blessed to have his sunny and ever smiling company for so long, and as time goes by we know we will be able to fully celebrate Davey’s wonderful life. Our deepest thanks go out to our dear friend Henric Fryckstrand (Dewmist Kennel in Sweden) who entrusted Davey to our care, so many years ago. Davey was nothing short of a phenomenal dog who made an incredible stamp on the Golden Retriever gene-pool of North America. We also wish to thank all the dedicated breeders who made him part of their breeding programs and a hugely influential sire. Davey will live on in his numerous descendants on both sides of the border. REST IN PEACE; darling boy- you will ALWAYS be in our hearts. Davey is buried here on our farm, and we know his wonderful spirit will forever roam free.

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  1. Sandy Karanian says:

    I want to give my condolences on the passing of Davey. We were very fortunate to have one of his offspring, our wonderful boy Jack – his mom was a Wintergold. Jack passed away this past Monday, December 29, 2014. We were so blessed to have him in our family for the past 12 just short of 13 years. He had a wonderful disposition, so kind, gentle, an amazing family dog and oh so handsome. We wanted to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs. May Davey and his son Jack Rest in Peace and be forever together.

  2. Cynthia MacKenzie says:

    Davy was the sire of our pup from Pet Country Estate. Sadly, we just put our big boy, Dawson, down this week. Wanted to let you know that he was a most beautiful dog, people stopped their cars to comment on him! He was soon to be 14 yrs old and was healthy until the last few weeks of his life, when old age claimed him. Thought you should know he was an absolutely lovely and quality dog.
    Cynthia MacKenzie
    Holland Landing, ON

  3. Andrew crum says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Davy’s passing. We still have one of his boys, ace, who turns 15 today! We are blessed to have this wonderful loving Goldie and cherish every day he is with us. Without Daley my family wouldn’t have shared the joy of having ace in our lives, thank you Daley and Wally and Karen
    Regards, thanx and much golden love
    Andrew crum

  4. Terry Martino says:

    Sorry to hear of the king’s passing.
    Sadly we said goodbye to our Tucker, one of Davey’s many boys, last June after 12 wonderful year.

    A truly beautiful golden, sunny and ever smiling for sure.

    Thank you,

    Terry Martino

    Oakville, ON

  5. Mary & Dave Bullock says:

    I am sadden tonight with the passing of our Kyon’s Excellent Summer Sage. She is the daughter of Davy and Kyon’s Golden Shadow (born Jan. 15, 2000). She was an excellent family companion and will be missed by many other people as well. She has gone to join her lifetime playmate, Kyon’s Glorious Piper (Nov 19,1999 – Oct. 2013).

  6. Keith Denman says:

    Hi Wally and Karen – Our beloved Jake (Kyon’s Too much of a Goodeal Thing) just celebrated his 13th birthday and is still going strong. He’s a split image of his daddy Davy and is the love of our lives. Bless you guys!

  7. Ruth Garside says:

    We have one of Davey’s descendants, one of Catherine Smith’s Libertys pups. He looks so much like your Davey it is really incredible. He has the most wonderful personality and is so sweet and loving. He is probably very much like his granddad. We certainly hope that he has the nice long life that your boy did. He is 9 years old now. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful dog that has passed his beautiful genes down thru to his descendants. We absolutely adore our boy Jackson.

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