Ch Kyon’s Kindred Spirit (1994- 2008)

Kindred english golden retriever champion female

ch Kyon's Kindred Spirit (1994-2008)

And so we say goodbye to dear Kindred: As she herself  communicated clearly, she was  ready to go to sleep- with her co-owner Robert by her side. One of the kindest dogs we have ever known sighed, only once- and then she was gone.

This is the gift we can give our dogs: an end that is peaceful – an end without suffering and anxiety- and an end that is of their own choosing. There is an un-mistakeable ‘look’ in a dog’s eyes that tells us  the time has come- one that any owner who is in tune with his/her pet cannot miss- and Robert was just as in tune with Kindred as she was in tune with him.

We had expected that Kindred was going to be our forever dog.  She was over 6 years old, had retired from breeding and had been  our house-dog for a while. She often slept in our kids’ beds- making the rounds from bedroom to bedroom, but most often ending up with Elise – sleeping closely curled up to our youngest daughter.

Then one day I got a phone-call from Robert Lindsey Milne, who was in distress having just lost his own golden. He had heard that we sometimes placed adult Goldens and wondered if we had any. At the time I did not really have anybody retired, except for Kindred, but i did not seriously consider that option, rather I  invited Robert to come for a visit… and when he entered our kitchen and Kindred immediately went to him, I realized with a sudden shock that she had chosen him.

it was emotionally extremely hard to let Kindred go to another home , but the decision was very right indeed- and over the next 7 plus years Kindred bonded strongly to Robert. She was an incredibly sensitive dog and knew intuitively how to connect to vulnerable people, even those who were deeply afraid of dogs… and so she was often of tremendous use in many therapeutic situations. When she lived with us I often took Kindred to group-homes for troubled youths-  or for visits to nursing homes – and while she was with Robert she became an integral part of his work with his clients ( during psychic readings).

Kindred remains in many of our pedigrees, particularly through her son Bogus (ch Kyon’s Kinross Gold) and through her daughter Flame (Kyon’s Kinship Flame) and their many descendants … and so from time to time we still see Kindred’s unmistakably gentle  look, peeking up at us from a litter of puppies. And when I pick up such a ‘Kindred-look-alike’ and feel the puppy melt in my arms, while it sighs and puts its little face close to my heart, then I know that Kindred’s spirit lives on … and that she will continue to do so, for many generations of Kyon Golden Retrievers from here on.

Kindred was deeply loved by Karin and Wally and the whole Barr-Klouman family, as well as Robert Lindsey Milne. Her sire was ch Kyon’s Rock’n Roll (OS) and her dam was ch Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit.


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