Ch Kyon’s Born Free (OD) (1991-2008)

lucy english champion female cream golden retriever

Lucy_ ch Kyon's Born Free (1991-2008)

It is with great sadness that we announce that our darling Lucy has passed away, well into her 18th year. Yet it is also with immense pride that celebrate her very long life and her exceptional influence on the Kyon pedigrees.

Our little girl ended up being one of our favourites of all time, although I remember looking at her as a puppy- and thinking she was not ‘quite’ what I wanted. “She is too small- she does not have enough bone” was my thought, and  although I certainly  could recognize that she had superb structure I decided  to  place her in a co-ownership home, with friends of ours.

However, Lucy came back to us at age 15 months, after repeatedly going though her owner’s fence and trotting down the highway, taking their other dog along- usually in hot pursuit of a rabbit or other wild-life. Once it became apparent that it was near impossible to confine Lucy we all agreed that Lucy would be happier with us , where she could roam free on our vast acreage – and so she returned  to Kyon and stayed with us for the next 5 plus years.

When Lucy returned she had blossomed and she was now certainly all we had ever wanted as she had developed into a stunning golden: moderate in size, yes- but well into the standard. She never once ran away while living here; it was if the lack of fences- once we let her loose to run (like we do with  all our own kennel dogs ) then this gave her the confidence to rather STAY.I suppose our nearly 300 acres of bush and fields satisfied her running-desire and her intense hunting drive- and yet she would always come (almost) the very minute we called her name.

I still have  a clear picture of her in my mind, as an image of pure joy, running through our fields; leaping and jumping- and always smiling. I remember thinking she was aptly named with her registered name “Born Free”…

Lucy entered the show-ring and finished her title ‘in the blink of an eye’ at 15 months- and then retired to raise 3 litters of Kyon puppies. When she had retired from breeding the plan was actually for her to stay with us forever, but as sometimes happen, she then met another owner, who utterly fell in love  with her– and this time Lucy herself also happily chose her new home, and this is therefore where she happily lived for the next 9 years, as a beloved family pet.

Her “forever-owner”, Caroline Abel, reported that Lucy adjusted perfectly to being the pampered pet and single dog in the household. Lucy furthermore often ran into her own descendants at the neighbourhood park, where she  went for her daily strolls. Not many people could believe that this athletic and strong golden girl was well into her teens when they met Lucy in her later years.  Caroline also shared many a time over the years that her whole family could not say enough good things about the enormous joy that Lucy brought them over so many years, with her incredibly patient and kind temperament.

Finally in the late summer of 2008 at 17.5 years of age Lucy decided she had come to the end of her road- and peacefully she was therefore let go, with Caroline lovingly by her side.

Lucy made a tremendous impact on our breeding program – particularly through her outstanding son Romeo (Ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot(OS) (1996-2011)) and  his many descendants… and thus she is in a lot of pedigrees, on both side of the border.

Lucy’s  sire was ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall(OS) and her dam was ch Kyon’s Whisper.

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  1. Jenny Whittall says:

    Dear Karin,
    What a feeling to go online and see that lovely tribute to your Lucy. I never wrote to you when our Lucy (Born Free and Bell Gold Doxology) died. I must say I thought my heart would break. Even now I miss her just terribly at times when I least expect it, out on the beach with Henry (Hot Bugsy and Hellen) or just around the house. She was just shy of her 15th birthday, when she had a stroke, Feb 29th. The vet came to our house and she died in my arms. She had the most beautiful smile that would light up her face, and she was really my great friend, following me everywhere. When I got a job hosting and producing the television show Pet Friends for Life Network, I didn’t want to leave Lucy at home alone so I wrote her into the show as my co host, and she was a huge hit with the producers. She was so smart and funny. We shot the show outside in one of the large parks in Vancouver and Lucy was in every intro with me. She was eleven when we got our darling Henry, and although Henry is the sweetest most gentle dog imaginable (exactly the dog you told me he would be)Lucy was very hurt and jellous of him. She had been the only girl for too long. Because of that we have not tried to get a friend for Henry. He is very happy and lives up to his name Kyon’s Happy Prince. He is known and loved by everyone in our neighbourhood. He is really a sensational dog. Beautiful, with the most lovely head, gentle with people and other dogs, and a lovely scense of humour. He loves to swim in the ocean race out on the low tidal flats. I wish we did not live so far away as I know you would love to meet him again, he is a real tribute to your wonderful breeding program.
    All the best from Boundar bay just outside of Vancouver, from Jenny and Richard Whittall , and Henry Whittall

    • karin says:

      oh my goodness- how wonderful to read about my Lucy’s daughter; such a wonderful girl your Lucy sounds like too. I am sorry you lost her , and indeed i really know that feeling of acute mourning, which can come right out of the blue, just when you least expect it…
      to hear that Henry is doing so well is fabulous! His father Bugsey is at my feet- , as i write this- he acts and looks like a young dog (in his 13th year) now –and through him of course Henry is another descendant of Lucy, in that he is her great-grandson.
      thanks for writing; it is so obvious how much love you have for Henry- and how much you adored your Lucy. 15 years is a good long life, but it does not matter- it is never enough…. but i am sure you forever will treasure all the fond memories!

  2. Joan lloyd says:

    I hope my Lucy Lou, from Kyon ,lives as happy and long life as your much- loved Lucy did.

    . She also loves to run with other dogs. We met a poodle called Lucy last saturday and they had so much fun playing and running around the park it was a joy to watch. I also think Lucy Lou is in love with a big ,chocolate lab. She whimpers and flirts with him outrageously!! and he is very patient with her!

    Love your new web site.


    • karin says:

      thanks joan! yes Lucy Lou is a flirt, that is for sure :-). she was a favourite “buddy” here- always so willing to play and have fun. give her a hug form me- and thanks for posting!

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