Bugsy: Ch. Kyon’s Hot to Trot

10153783_10152068936648106_889946502_nSadly we announce that we have had to say goodbye to The kindest dog we have ever known: Rest in Peace; dearest BUGSEY (ch Kyon’s Hot Bugsey (OS); 1999- 2014). Bugsey will live on in his numerous descendants on both sides of the border, and we will draw comfort in this knowledge. He drew his last laboured breath, while gently held in Karin’s arms after suffering from acute sudden heart failure. We had to let our ‘Bugman’ go, and our thanks go out to DR. Sharon Adler of Orangevllle Animal Hospital, who has known Bugsey since he was a puppy as a puppy and who today was ready , on her day off , to help gently ease his passing. And now it feels as if the light has gone out of our day. We will miss our darling Bugsey so unbelievably much.

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  1. Cindy Galambos says:

    I was so very sad to learn of the loss of Bugsey. We have been very blessed to have his offspring Bailey who is from the 2006 Dream Litter. Bailey is 8 years old and like his Father, has a kind and loving temperment. We can’t imagine the thought of our family without him!

  2. Wendy says:

    I just lost Bugseys son @ 2 months ago. He was born in 2001 in NY to Lawrence Kennels. I had always known about Goldenfield and decided to look it up today. My Ryker loved all people, not all dogs, but he loved his girls. He survived a ruptured gallbladder and a spleen removal. Had great hips and was never overweight. He was on the mellow side. Its sad these beauties are gone !!! Not forgotten though !!! Sorry for your loss.

  3. Maureen Martens says:

    Karin, I’ve only just seen this. We thought you’d like to know that his son, Toby, from the Fairy Tale litter, is still chugging along at 12 1/2, down here in Florida, and looks like a carbon copy of his dad. We remember Bugs fondly from the one time we met him when we came to pick Toby up.

    • karin says:

      thank you maureen – how times flies , is Toby already 12.5 years? so glad to hear he is still doing well !

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