Kyon’s Vive le Spectrum (1987- 2005)

This July we were contacted by a Doug Wallace who asked if I remembered their dog Bailey, who had just passed away. Since there are many Baileys and Wallace is a common place name, I gently asked for more specifics… and I was told that Bailey had come out of my V litter.

And so: as it turned out, it was  THE one Bailey that I indeed remembered so very well, the very one who had been the smallest puppy, the one who had to be nurtured along and supplemented and fed separately – the one born out of a litter well over 18 years ago.

Bailey was also the litter sister of the outstanding dog; Ch Kyon’s for Valour and Victory (top show dog in Canada in 1989 and in 1990).. and she was also the sister of the talented Ch Kyon’s Vadeum Laddie. (who made it well past his 17th year).

I shortly after this conversation had the joy of meeting the Wallace family again, as they came back to us to get another puppy – and this one by coincidence was also the smallest puppy in a litter, a little one that I had held back for a while, just waiting for the very right family to come along.

And then I had the privilege of learning more about Bailey, who it turned out had been a “wonder dog”. Even at age 13 people would stop the Wallace’s and ask how old is your puppy? – and when supplied with the answer 13 it would be assumed that she was that in months, not in years…

Even right up until the very last, she had tremendous spunk and a will to live that was amazing. She had been a darling companion for the Wallace children as they have been growing up – Bailey made it to 18 years and 2 months and her family was bereft without her. Although they knew the day was coming when it finally did it still felt as if it was too soon. Bailey was only sick for one short weekend – and then she was gently laid to rest.

Our sympathies are with the Wallace family and we wish them all the very best with their new “little” girl. Thank you so much for looking after Bailey, so very well – and for giving her such a wonderful long life.

Bailey’s sire was Ch Bachelor of Rye WC, CD and her dam was Ch Kyon Footloose’n Fancy free CD (OD).

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