Ch Kyon’s A Dream Come True (1993-2006)

angel light cream champion golden retriever female

Ch Kyon's a Dream Come True

Angel was “the runt” of a litter. At 8 weeks she weighed about half of what her littermates did – so we decided to hang onto her for a while. We were not planning to keep her – it just ended up that way. At 6 months of age she was finally normal size, but best of all; she had the most endearing nature. And so; Angel stayed with us. She was shown to her championship and she produced some lovely pups both for us and for our close friend Lisa McCabe of Grenadier goldens in Worchester, M.A..

One of the most painful decisions a breeder has to make is the one to place a beloved adult dog, in order to make room for the younger generation of pups growing up. We made just such a decision when Angel was 6 years old. She then moved to Bonnie.

From then on Angel lived a wonderful life as a much beloved family pet, as a St. John’s therapy dog – and finally as a foster-mother to the various other dogs that entered Bonnie’s and Angel’s life, over the next 6 years.

Then this past winter we got the news that Angel had passed away… and that Bonnie was heartbroken. My own heart broke a little bit then, it just seemed impossible to grasp that this charming girl of ours was gone – and we had not really said our final goodbyes; after all, was it not only yesterday that she had lived here on the farm with us?

We always referred to Angel as our “just wait a minute” girl. Angel was wonderfully bright, but instant obedience was still never her strong point. She always wanted us to know that she had SO many people to visit, even more dogs to playfully greet, then butterflies to chase – and also birds to catch in mid-air.. all had to be done before she would happily be coming to us, in fact she would give us a very specific “look”, which we later coined as “the angel look”, mainly because ,as time went on, we could see that she had produced this trait strongly in her descendants.

Thank you Bonnie for giving Angel such a wonderful life in her retirement. Thank you also for getting in touch with us… and letting us know in the gentlest way possible that Angel had passed away and how much she had meant to you.

Thankfully Angel lives on in many descendants on both side of the border.. and there will continue to be many little pups growing up that will know how to give their owners the “angel look”. These youngster will want to happily explore the whole word and say their many, many hellos to all that they meet… as they all carry this part of Angel within them.

So therefore; a ray of sunshine will last forever because of Angel’s sunny traits being passed on from generation to generation. We will never forget Angel – we will always remember her with a laugh and a smile. Our world was a much richer place because we had the chance to love her.

her sire was ch Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon flying surprise CDX and her dam was ch Kylador’s Dreams R made of This.

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