Dixie (Ch Aon’s Last waltz)


Today we celebrate the life of Dixie (Ch Aon’s Last Waltz), while we at the same time deeply mourn her loss. We laugh and smile, while we remember our fabulously sunny and oh-so endearing girl, yet we cry our many … Continue reading

SOTA (Ch Norrhund Sote Fame at Kyon)


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved SOTA (Ch Norrhund Sote Fame at Kyon). SOTA suffered another acute episode of Vestibular Syndrome this past weekend, and this one she sadly could not recover from. … Continue reading



It breaks our hearts to announce that an era has sadly ended at Kyon, as our beloved DAVEY (CH DEWMIST DAVENPORT OS, 1998- 2014) aka, the KING of KYON has passed away. There are no words to fully describe the … Continue reading

Bugsy: Ch. Kyon’s Hot to Trot


Sadly we announce that we have had to say goodbye to The kindest dog we have ever known: Rest in Peace; dearest BUGSEY (ch Kyon’s Hot Bugsey (OS); 1999- 2014). Bugsey will live on in his numerous descendants on both … Continue reading

We grieve as we say goodbye to our darling Meg ( Kyon’s Time Flashes By)

Late tonight we sadly made the most difficult decision to let our sweet Meg ( Kyon’s Time Flashes By) go to sleep- for ever – and so the matriarch of the the highly successful “flash-line” is now no more. Meg made it well into her 14th year, yet never seemed like an old dog Continue reading Continue reading

You will be missed : Phoebe


The last of the first Kyon ‘Hot’ litter has passed away a month after having started on her 18th year. We grieve with her owner Harriet Goodman, yet celebrate Phoebe’s long and healthy life. Continue reading Continue reading

“To everything there is a season”: Goodbye Chetani


                                  CHETANI (ch Chrys-haefen Chetani at kyon ) 2000- 2013 Our lovely kind and slightly stubborn Chetani retired to jeff and Trish Campney’s wonderful … Continue reading

Our hearts are broken: Euchre has passed away.

Euchre champion male english cream golden retriever

   Euchre (ch Tashora the Odds are at Kyon) 2003-2012 it is with deep regret and broken hearts that we announce that our dearest Euchre has passed away, far too early. His untimely death was caused by the ingestion of … Continue reading

THOR (1997-2012)

A great dog, with a wonderful heart is gone. Never a show dog and never bred, Thor still became an integral part of our family life, and we were very glad of that. Thor exemplified the typical Norwegian Buhund: He … Continue reading

ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot (OS) (1996-2011)

romeo champion golden retriever

We are deeply saddened to report that ROMEO died this morning, in our arms – well into his 16th year. Our very special “velcro dog” is now gone… However, we take great comfort in knowing that Romeo lives on, in … Continue reading

BISS ch Kyon’s Passionate Sheaster (OS) (2000-2011)

sheaster english golden retriever

We are heartbroken to report that our dear Sheaster was felled within 2 weeks of starting his 12th year. Relapsing Lyme disease (since age 3) likely predisposed him for a foreshortened lifespan. We received the news that he was in … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Born Free (OD) (1991-2008)

lucy english champion female cream golden retriever

It is with great sadness that we announce that our darling Lucy has passed away, well into her 18th year. Yet it is also with immense pride that celebrate her very long life and her exceptional influence on the Kyon … Continue reading

Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon (OD) (1991-2008)

Fancy female champion cream golden retriever

The dreaded day has come — and now our dear old girl is gone forever. Our “tomboy” girl has left us. Fancy spent practically 17 years with us, and she had become an integral part of the fabric of our … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Kindred Spirit (1994- 2008)

Kindred english golden retriever champion female

And so we say goodbye to dear Kindred: As she herself communicated clearly, she was ready to go to sleep- with her co-owner Robert by her side. One of the kindest dogs we have ever known sighed, only once- and then she was gone…
Continue reading Continue reading

Kyon’s The Fantastic Duoghal (1993-2007)

duogal english golden retriever long lived

Every now and then a dog that we have placed in another home still remains part of our extended family, forever. This is not necessarily because of incredible performance or conformation titles, nor is it because the dog is used … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Magic Tricks (1993-2007)

vicky english golden retriever champion female

Vicky was one of those dogs that we thought would keep on living for a really long time. Her advanced age should of course have warned us that every new day was a blessing, but in her case we just … Continue reading

Kyon’s Adenac Trapper, Am JH, Am WC, Am CDX, Am CGC, an WC, Can CD (1992-2006)

trapper english cream golden retriever

This past December 2006 Trapper passed away at 14 and a half years. We mourn the loss of a truly great Working Retriever and a much beloved family pet. Trapper was always a very gentle and loving dog. He did … Continue reading

BIS Ch Syzygy Court Jester at Kyon (1993-2006)

Jester golden retriever champion english male

Sometimes in a breeders’ life there comes shock out so of the blue that it just takes your breath away – and you cannot, for a while, find the words to describe the overwhelming grief that you feel. Such a … Continue reading

Ch Foxwood Xtra Edition at Kyon (1991-2006)

eddie male champion english golden retriever

A beautiful boy has passed away. Suddenly, from what was likely a massive stroke, Eddie collapsed in his owner Ann Loch’s home. He was helped by his veterinarian and gently let go; with both his owners Ann and Stephen, at … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1992-2005)

Bandit champion english golden retriever male

Sometimes being a long-time breeder is a heartbreak. In the past year we have lost so many dogs that it has been overwhelming for us. It is therefore it has taken months to be able to write about the latest … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Hearts Afire (OD) (1994-2006)

Passion champion english golden retriever feamle

Passion, to our great sorrow, has passed away. It happened this past late fall, with her owner Margie Orrock at her side. Passion had lived with Margie for the past 5 years, as her beloved family-pet. In October of 2005 … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s A Dream Come True (1993-2006)

angel light cream champion golden retriever female

Angel was “the runt” of a litter. At 8 weeks she weighed about half of what her littermates did – so we decided to hang onto her for a while. We were not planning to keep her – it just … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Lady Madonna (1988-2005)


Last week we got a very sad message, one that we knew was coming, but still we did not really feel prepared for. One of the favorite dogs that we have ever produced had passed away, after a very long … Continue reading

BISS Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS) (1990-2005)


Our beloved Sheaman has just today left us… and we are lost without him. He was 15 years and 3 months… Such a long life, lived so very well and I know we should celebrate that, but it is still … Continue reading

Kyon’s Vive le Spectrum (1987- 2005)


This July we were contacted by a Doug Wallace who asked if I remembered their dog Bailey, who had just passed away. Since there are many Baileys and Wallace is a common place name, I gently asked for more specifics… … Continue reading