Happy 13th birthday to Vicky!!

Vicky turned 13 years on May 25th and we would like to celebrate yet another strong Kyon golden entering her teenage years, in great health and fine spirits!

Vicky is amazingly strong – she still enjoys her walks along many nature trails. A playful golden, despite her age, she is always game for romping around with her grandson Charlie. She happily greets each visitor to her home, with a twinkle in her eye and a shoe in her mouth. She sticks around for many pats – and lives in the eternal hope that there will be a treat forthcoming soon. She is sunny and happy with her life – always smiling, a truly welcoming dog who enjoys the company of dogs and people alike.

Vicky is called “the princess”, by her owners Ed and Anita McDougald and she has come by that title honestly – in her home she is indeed the princess – the one that rules the household with humour and benign demands. She especially barks to be fed, wanting her breakfast always at the break of dawn – and her dinner at 5 pm, sharp – with many treats in between. Dieting has thus become an impossible affair: Vicky is happily chunky in build and continues to be good naturedly indulged… and so life remains very good for the princess.

Happy birthday “Princess Vicky!” may you have many more years yet to come, full of wonder, fun and lots of treats!

Vicky was sired by Ch Kyon’s Rock’n Roll out of the dam; Ch Kyon’s Hocus Pocus

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