Happy 12th birthday Trapper !

On july 2nd/04 we celebrated Trapper (Kyon’s Adenac Trapper, Am JH, WC, CDX, CGC, Can WC, CDX) as he is starting on his thirteenth year in excellent health and very good spirits.

In his owners Vali Velhoelter’s own words:

“Trapper the Wonder Dog” still going strong at 12 years old. Although we have to talk a little louder to him, his is getting along in his senior years quite well. He still loves a run on the beach and a swim or 2 or 10…can’t keep him out of the water! He also still gets excited when he sees the bumpers come out or camps behind the thruck when he knows we are going somewhere and refuses to be left behind!

We got Trapper as a “pet” and this truly Golden Retriever has become so much more…he is my faithful companion and is loved everywhere he goes. And he has been lots of places, including 2 guest appearances on TV shows!

Trapper has always been a very gentle and loving dog. He has done well in obedience as well as in the field and has proved there is little difference in fetching a duck in the warm Florida waters (besides Mom worrying about the Gators and the snakes) or in the icy Canadian ponds (with Mom bundled up and barely able to see out of all the clothing)… always eager to please and very proud of himself as well!

We can only hope he continues to be healthy, happy and the “wonder dog” he has always been.

We are so proud of Trapper and all his accomplishments and offer our sincere thanks to Vali for training him so well- and thereby letting him make use of his many talents.

Happy birthday Trapper! — As you enter your teenage years, may there be many more good times to be had and many more birds to be fetched!

Trapper’s sire was Ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall (OS) (1985-1997) and his dam was Ch Kyon’s Miss Shalamar (1985-2000)

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