This spring we have celebrated the 12th birthday of both our most resident senior girls:
Spirit (Ch Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit*) and Fancy ( Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon*).

We are thrilled to report that they have now started on their 13th year in excellent spirits and very good health.

Spirit is our resident house-pet who keeps reminding us all that a golden’s primary love for life is represented in being allowed to retrieve. Even at this senior age she can get the ball or the bird faster than most youngsters. The ultimate show-dog, we often use Spirit as an example in how to teach the pups how to stand and happily free-bait. Spirit is a multiple specialty veteran winner.

Fancy has by choice decided to be the resident senior kennel-dog.. but she wanders loose all the time and frequently is seen trotting down the hill, with some youngsters happily in tow. She is then on her way to the pond where she will patiently teach the babies that swimming is fun… and afterwards she will then show them all how to roll in the fields, so that they will return back to the kennel-enclosure in the muddy state that all golden retrievers prefer.

Spirit and Fancy have both made tremendous impact on our breeding program through their many outstanding offspring and grandchildren. Currently a generation of great grandchildren is represented in our breeding program and we are presently excitedly waiting for a new crop of great grand-children to grow up and add to our line.

In the oustandingly long lived traditon of our line we are hoping to have both Spirit and Fancy with us for many years to come!

Spirit was bred by Ann Wood Johnson of Foxwood reg’d Golden Retrievers.
Fancy was bred by Denise Couture and Kate MacDermot of Hollymere reg’d Golden Retrievers.

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