Ch Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit

On April 5th we celebrated that our Spirit has now started on her 14th year in very good health and in excellent spirits.

We marked this day with particular joy this year,since we are so pleased to announce that Spirit has now recovered fully from an orthopedic injur , that she suffered last year.

The sheer strength of her character has shone through during her recovery-period. Never once did she loose the sparkle in her eye, never once did she appear to give up. Despite her considerable age and her obvious discomfort, she greeted each new day with strong determination.

She now again chases the tennis balls and baits forever, for any tid-bit. There is new-found strength and much joy in her steps these days; her recovery has been nothing short of spectacular for such a senior lady.

We are looking forward to many more years with a happy Spirit at our side!

Spirit was bred by Ann Wood Johnson of Foxwood reg’d goldens.

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