Happy Birthday to Sheaman (15) and Fancy (14)

On May 1st /05 our very special boy Sheaman aka BISS Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS ) turned 15 years old, while only 2 days later (on May 3rd /05) his delightful half-sister and constant companion Fancy aka Ch Hollymere’s Shea’s Fancy at Kyon turned 14 years old.

We celebrate with gratitude these two outstanding dogs, who have both made such a tremendous impact on our breeding program. As we watch them remaining at each other’s side, we are touched, beyond words. Sheaman and Fancy take excursions together, go hunting together, swim together and they lie down together; closely Shoulder-to-Shoulder- or gently apart, but still always touching each other; Paw-to-Paw.

Fancy suffered 3 significant strokes this spring, but with Sheaman’s help and insistent nudging, she was back on her feet within a few days. And so life continues on – with Sheaman, the eternal puppy, who still makes us all laugh with all his clownish ways- while Fancy, the stubborn girl, remains the same wonderful independent soul that she has always been.

Despite the strokes Fancy is still as strong as a horse and she will trot for quite the distance, while Sheaman happily follows her lead. Having always chased the barn cats, the two of them will forever pursue this game, much to our cats’ amusement. It is a common sight now to see an orange cat playfully darting here and there (at a respectful slow pace), just a couple of feet in front of Sheaman and Fancy. The cats will stop and wait- whenever they can see that the dogs have to rest- and the game will then be suspended for little while, only to resume once more – when Sheaman and Fancy again decide to take up the chase.

And if there are no cats around, then there are Geese and Turkeys and Pheasants to pursue- but alas; never to catch (anymore). These many excursions are then routinely followed by a swim in the pond and a roll in the mud…

So life is good is good for our dear old guys.. and life is so precious… and we truly count every day with them as a blessing.

So Happy birthday Sheaman and Fancy! May you be around as our beloved pets for a long time to come!

Sheaman was bred by Liz Sherren. His sire was Bda-Can BIS Ch Mjærumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) and his dam was Ch My Darling Clementine.

Fancy was bred by Kate McDermot and Denise Couture. Her sire was Bda-Can BIS Ch Mjærumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) and her dam was Linchael Christmas Cracker.

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