Can Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon, CD (OS)

Today, May 1st / 03, we are celebrating the 13th birthday of our resident eternal puppy Sheaman – Ch Sherhaven’s* Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS) .

In perfect health and following in the outstandingly long-lived tradition of his sire Shea (BIS Ch Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) ;1981-1996) and his dam Clemmie (Ch My Darling Clementine ; 1982- 1998 ), Sheaman seemingly has no idea that he is a senior and that he is supposed to be slowing down. He is, as always, full of infectious joy and displaying an incredible vigor for his age.

Sheaman is still the charming clown that has made it his life-mission to make us all laugh… He is often found parading around with a metal food-bowl on his head (his very own top-hat! Which, on his own accord, he frequently wears- once he has finished banging it on the floor, or on the walls – to make the loudest possible noises with.).

As Sheaman now is entering his 14th year, we pause to reflect with gratitude on how much he has contributed to our breeding program and also the wider Golden Retriever gene-pool in Canada. A powerful and strikingly handsome dog, Sheaman is a Best In Specialty Show winner, a multiple Veteran Class winner and a multiple Stud-dog winner, at our specialties.

Sheaman’s many offspring have done exceedingly well in all areas of competition, from the conformation ring (BIS) to the obedience ring (HIT) and as hunting dogs, as well as Therapy Dogs and Guide dogs for the Blind. His keen intelligence and his high trainability have been traits that Sheaman consistently has passed on to his pups… as well as his incredible sense of humour.

We hope to have our beloved Sheaman, the ultimate entertainer- around for many more years to come!

* Sheaman was bred by Liz Sherren, of Sherhaven reg’d Golden Retrievers.

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