Happy birthday ROMEO !

romeo longevity golden retrieversAs he is starting his 16th year we are glad to announce that our sweet old boy ROMEO (ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot (OS) is doing just FINE. I remember back to when he was 7 weeks old: I was in hospital and Wally smuggled him in, so that I could have look at this little boy ( the only male pup in the litter ) to decide whether we should keep him. the minute I saw his lovely head I knew we had something very special. Romeo stole my heart, right then-and has gone on to become a very influential stud-dog for the Kyon bloodlines. He follows in the footstep of his parents: His sire Fred ( eng. import; ch Haydene Commador (OS)), lived to be 15 years old and his dam Lucy ( ch Kyon’s Born Free (OD)) made 17.5 years. Romeo has two healthy and happy sons at Kyon , BUGSEY (ch kyon’s hot bugsey (12 years)) and MICK (ch Kyon’s rolling stone).

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