Happy 16th birthday to Fancy and Lucy!!

champion english golden retriever


champion english golden retriever


TWO influential KYON girls have turned 16 years old:

Happy Birthday to Fancy and to Lucy!

On May 3rd 2007 we celebrated that Fancy, aka ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon, turned 16 years old. In wonderful shape and with a tremendous desire to keep going, Fancy has survived several strokes, although she has never been sick more than a couple of brief days. Strong-willed as ever, she still takes great pleasure in every new day, happily strolling for various excursions around our property. During her many daily walks she frequently will stop for a rest under a shady tree -or she will happily indulge in a “refreshing” roll in the mud. As always she also tolerantly loves to nurture the many new generations of her descendants… Her trademark is to gently put up with any number of baby goldens, as they play with her tail and nibble on her ears, while she rewards herself by cleaning their plate of left-over puppy-kibble!

We are furthermore very happy to share the news that Lucy aka ch Kyon’s Born Free has turned 16 years old, too. Her “forever-owner”, Caroline Abel, reports that Lucy is still doing great. She is a little stiff at times, but is taking some basic arthritis-medication, which keeps her in good form — and she still loves to bounce and roll! Lucy often run into her descendants at the neighbourhood park, where she often goes for her daily strolls. Not many people believe that this good looking and athletic golden girl is 16 years old. Caroline also shares that her family can’t say enough good things about the joy that Lucy has brought them over the years, with her patient and kind temperament.

We are so proud of the great longevity and astounding soundness of these two modern-day Kyon foundation females. Fancy and Lucy are both hugely influential within the North American gene-pool. Many of the pedigrees of our home-bred Goldens have either Fancy or Lucy – or both of them, somewhere in the family tree… a fact that bodes well for our future generations!

We are truly hoping there will still be lots of time left for us to enjoy our beloved girls… and we treasure each new day with them as a gift!

Fancy was bred by Kate McDermott and Denise Couture: Her sire was BDA/CAN BIS CH Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) X Linchael Christmas Cracker. Fancy still lives at home at Kyon kennels.

Lucy was sired ch Saddelback Rechargeable Randall (OS) out of the dam ch Kyon’s Whisper. Her happy retirement home is with Caroline Abel and her family.

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