Happy 15th birthday to Lucy!!

lucy champion gream golden retriever 15This spring our Lucy, aka Ch Kyon’s Born Free (Ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall (OS) x Ch Kyon’s Whisper) celebrated her 15th birthday! Lucy is in amazing shape and great spirits… only slowing slightly down due to some minor issues with arthritis. She, however, still goes for her daily walks and happily greets the other dogs in the park – often times meeting up with her own descendants. Lucy is a hugely influential dam, through her son Romeo (Ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot), her grand-daughter B-B (Ch Kyon’s Glory Be Good) and her grandson Bugsey (Ch Kyon’s Hot Bugsey).

A gentle, but mischievous dog as a youngster, Lucy used to take off on many a hike on her own – or with a buddy that she would entice along. Fences meant nothing to her – as she would climb over, dig under or chew right through. Electrical invisible fences also could not contain her. She amazed us with her unique intelligence – when she wanted her buddy to come along on any hunting excursion she would just chew that dog’s collar off, so that this normally well behaved dog would also cross the invisible fencing, along with Lucy. Lucy would always return back home gloriously filthy and very happy. She was indeed named very well – Lucy was truly a free spirit in her young years… as are many of descendants.

Having settled well down in her retirement Lucy is now a wonderfully well behaved and patient family pet – who has brought lots of joy to Caroline Abell and her family. Thank you Caroline, for staying in touch and for giving Lucy all the attention she so richly deserves. May you still have a long time together!

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