Can Ch Kyon’s Vademecum Laddie

Today April 1/03, we are celebrating Laddie’s 16th birthday. Born on April 1st 1987, Laddie is in good health and in excellent spirits. He is a little hard of hearing, but otherwise in fine form. Sold as a family-pet, Laddie showed an exceptional promise for the conformation ring and quickly achieved his championship.

What truly however, sets this dog apart is his remarkable intelligence and his exceptional trainability. His dedicated owner Mark Whitcombe has used Laddie as part of an outdoor education program, where this dog has shone as an entertainer and has thus been delighting students with his many tricks and the twinkle in his eye. “Laddie can count! Laddie can pray!”

There have been no end to the impressions Laddie has made over the years. Hundreds of inner-city children, often petrified of all large dogs- have overcome they fears, thanks to the kindness and gentleness of Laddie. We send our congratulations and best wishes for continued happiness, for this sweet old boy and for his human family. Laddie is owned and loved by the Whitcombe family of Orangeville, Ontario.

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