Happy birthday to the king of Kyon: CH Dewmist Davenport (OS)

davey standing and smiling
We are thrilled to recently having had the pleasure of celebrating Davey’s birthday! He has now started on his 16th year and is as sound as any dog can be! He is pretty well the foundation of the past decade and a half of Kyon dogs – and is an amazing dog in ALL ways. We LOVE Davey dearly and our thanks go out to our good friend Henric Fryckstrand for having entrusted us with such a gem of a dog.
this photo show him still strong and healthy; easily free-stacking- while we are celebrating his amazing vigour and health ! A hugely influential sire in North-America, of exceptional soundness, Davey’s hips are rated OFA excellent and his Elbows normal, with Heart cardiologist certified normal as well. His eyes have been opthamologist certified clear annually until his 15th year- and last year he also achieved his PRA test normal (DNA) . We treasure each and every day with our boy– and hope there will be much more time to enjoy his magnificent presence! to see more phtotos of Davey on his birthday please visit his album on our Kyon facebook site.

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5 Responses to Happy birthday to the king of Kyon: CH Dewmist Davenport (OS)

  1. We have Sailor, Davey`s son.He is from Fort Knox Goldens in Hanover. He is the most loveable and gentle in tact male we have ever seen. Happy Birthday to Davey!! He looks fantastic

    • karin says:

      Glad to hear Sailor is still doing well! Is this Can Ch FortKnox Creeksidefrm Old Navy that used to live with Kathy ? if so I have seen him more than once and admire him greatly… He is beautiful too :-) . I hope you have him for a long time still!

  2. Curtis Repen says:

    Greetings from Cooper (2007-3-23 out of Goldenfield Amber Rose) just down the road in Bolton. If Davey is up to it, would love to bring Cooper up for a visit.

    • karin says:

      yes, indeed Davey is always up to visitors :-) . just send us an email and set up a time . right now we are pretty well snowed in, but here is hoping SPRING is just around the corner :-)

  3. june stevens says:

    Davey is the sire of my dogs Shea and Spirit -Happy Birthday to him. June

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