Happy 13th birthday , Meg !

We want to congratulate our darling MEG (Kyon’s Time Flashes by) on her 13th birthday! Here she is shown ‘celebrating’ with a brand new and comfy dog-bed by the fireplace in our kitchen … We love our Meg– and although she is now definitely a ‘senior’, we so hope she will be around for a long, long time still. Meg is stone deaf, but otherwise perfectly healthy– and as full of character as she always was! Her sire is Davey (ch Dewmist Davenport (OS) and her dam was Chloe ( ch Kyon’s Golden Shadow). Meg’s two main passions in life is Eating (as much as possible) and Retrieving (as fast as possible)! Meg has many Kyon descendants, coming down from her 3 litters of robustly healthy babies. She is the Matriarch of our very successful “flash’-line.meg 13
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