Happy Birthday to Fancy!!

Ch Hollymere’s Shea’s Fancy at Kyon

On May 3rd/03 our beloved Fancy turned 13 years old. In the outstandingly long-lived tradition of the dogs before her, Fancy is entering her 14th year while remaining strong and healthy.

Fancy keeps incredibly active and is in fantastic shape for her age. Like all our seniors she has total free range of our huge farm property and Fancy often travels far and wide. Away she happily trots; into the bush and through the fields – following the scent of the deer – or on the hunt for any other wildlife.

Fancy is a sweet, but hugely independent soul – who generally does as she pleases. Always a dog with a strong sense of self; now – with her advanced age – Fancy is even more determined to do exactly what she wants. Fancy’s hunting instinct is as strong now as it ever was… and if she has picked up the scent of any wildlife she will always GO, regardless of how many times we try to call her back. By totally ignoring us, she indicates that she has a far more important job to do.

We have reluctantly decided that her name has never really suited her, since she is nothing but a “Fancy” dog. She does not care about looking pretty or classy – but is a true tomboy; ready at any time to go hunting. She comes back, hours later; after first having gone for a swim in the pond, chasing the ducks and geese – and then rolling in the mud of our swamp – while finally she will have gotten herself covered with burrs from the fields. Fancy is daily in relentless pursue her arch enemy; the groundhog.

Otherwise Fancy, despite her strong-willed character, is also an incredibly kind dog, who gently will take any baby under her wing. This spring she delivered a badly injured wild kitten to us – whom she held ever so gently in her mouth: the young cat had a dislocated hip and was in bad need of medical attention. Furthermore any of our toddler grandchildren can go to sleep snuggling close to Fancy’s side and she will not move, for as long as they are resting there. Always maternal in nature, she also has endless patience with any of our puppies… and these youngsters she often introduces to water – and repeatedly shows how to follow a scent.

Through her exceptionally sound production record, Fancy remains a hugely influential broodbitch for our breeding program, represented by her son Fire (Ch Kyon’s Great Balls of Fire), her daughter Brindy (Ch Kyon Brindy’s Fancy notion ) and her grandson Bugsey (Ch Kyon’s Hot Bugsey ), as well as her many, many great-grandchildren.

We hope to have Fancy with us still, for many more years to come…

Happy Birthday, Fancy !!

Fancy was bred by Denis Couture and Kate MacDermot (Hollymere reg’d)

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