Happy 15th birthday to Fancy!

Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon

Our old girl, Fancy, is still with us… and we treasure each day as a gift. On May 3rd we celebrated her 15th birthday. Fancy herself was thoroughly un-impressed with the extra attention, since it also involved getting groomed and bathed for the occasion. She was much happier with the extra goodies she was given as a special treat!

Although Fancy is a hunter by nature, she has still never harmed a living being. She once gently carried to us a wild kitten that she had found injured, she has brought us many a bird – and even the odd chipmunk – over the years. These have all been delivered to hand without a mark on them. She is a true golden in that she has the gentlest of all mouths and the kindest of hearts..

In her old age Fancy has had several strokes, but she has always recovered well, within 24 hrs. Fancy has a bit of a head-tilt – and is stone deaf – but otherwise she remains amazingly healthy and well. This girl of ours has an iron-will to keep on going… and she remains true to the independent character she always was. She wanders around our property at will, she still takes little excursions, at her own speed and sometimes with a slight stagger – and she still finds every mud-hole there is to roll in. If she gets tired, she takes a little break under a shady tree, but not for that long; she then picks herself up and carries on – perhaps to indulge in her favourite game of chasing our barn-cats. The cats lazily sits on the rail fences – just waiting for her to show up – then they will happily tease her, by darting here and there in front of this funny old dog who pretends to stalk them like the mighty hunter she thinks she still is.

And so Fancy remains in amazing shape. She is still as strong as a horse and leads an active and full life, every single day. She is indeed the queen mother of our kennel and she happily adores babies of all kinds, whether they be children, kittens or little puppies – and she has taught generations of goldens to retrieve, to hunt and to swim in our pond.

Happy birthday Fancy – may you remain with us for a long time. We all love you so!

Fancy was bred by Kate McDermott and Denise Couture: Her sire was BDA/CAN BIS CH Mjaerumhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) X Linchael Christmas Cracker

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