happy 13th birthday to the King of Kyon: DAVEY

DAVEY, formally known as CH Dewmist Davenport ( OS ) is our pride and joy. After Shea (CH. Mjaeurmhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) (1981-1996), there has never been a more influential dog at Kyon- and we are so grateful to Henric Frcykstrand for entrusting him to us, so many years ago. Davey still is completely sound, he runs like the wind and will retrieve forever, while he still takes great pleasure in swimming in our pond. he is strong , vigorous and always a HAPPY and a perpetually SUNNY dog. We do not think that he yet knows that he actually is a senior. We ADORE this boy!

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  1. jo anne fusco says:

    wow!! his son, kicker was 11 on the 30th of jan.. such great genes!!!! thank you so much for the perfect dog!!!

  2. R & P Kenyon says:

    Just sent you a private note asking about Davey, then found this page. We have two of Davey’s pups (Katie and Annie) by Thyme (Sherhaven’s Thyme of Your Life) and a grand-daughter, Salem. My Annie (Sherhaven’s Anise) is most like her dad Davey: confident, handsome, and intelligent. All the best Davey and wishing many more years.

    • karin says:

      thanks so much for the congrats- we’re so happy to know your Davey girls and grand-duaghter are all doing so well. thanks for posting!

  3. Robin Comeau says:

    Malibu Blue says “Happy Birthday Dad”. I adopted Bu from Beth a yr and a half ago. He is the sweetest dog, and doing very well.

    • karin says:

      hi back to Malibu- or “Boo-Boo” as i used to call him. he is one of my favourite Davey sons,ever – a real sweetheart with a gorgeous look. so glad to hear Boo is happy and well in his new home :-). thanks for posting!

  4. Erin Van De Wiele says:

    Happy Birthday Davey!

    We have his son, Dugan, who is happy and healthy and will be 12 on April 4. Dugan was born April 4 2000 and his dam was Sherhaven’s Tyme of Your Life. He is a littermate to Katie! Thanks for the obvious care you have demonstrated by breeding dogs that are healthy and happy!

  5. Nina Wallach says:

    Our Lucy just saw her father Davey again last week after 10 years. Sadly we lost our dog two days ago. Looking at these dogs helps heal our badly broken heart and we will be back soon to get another. A Kyon dog only brings joy to your life.

  6. Teresita says:

    Hi Karin,
    Just read your interview “North of the Border” and it thrilled me to learn all about Shea and Davey who is our Bailey’s daddy! We hope we can adopt another puppy from Davey’s line as we continue to enjoy the love and devotion Bailey grants us everyday since we got him from Chris Miele. Bailey looks just like Davey and has the sweetest temperament…so good with our daughter and her friends. Everyone in the neighborhood loves Bailey! Photos of your new baby Logan are precious too!

    • seanbk says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Davey is celebrating his 15th birthday tomorrow and continues to rule the roost at the kennel.

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