Happy 13th birthday to CASEY, “the KING”; BISS Ch Kyon’s Magic Power CD

On April 25th we celebrated Casey’s 13th birthday. As he is now entering his 14th year, he is following in the footstep of his father Ch Kyon’s Rock and Roll OS (1888-2003) and his mother; Ch Kyon’s Hocus Pocus (1988-2002), by still displaying an incredible Zest for Life.
Casey spends his days going for many walks through trails and bush. He still loves to chase the porcupines and squirrels and is intent on keeping his property free of such intruders. He also rules his own little golden pack (consisting of Vicky and Charlie) with his kind benevolence.

Some of Casey’s many achievements include; being a wonderful therapy dog, getting in Companion Dog title easily, achieving his championship in a snap AND the one and only time out as special he won a Best In Specialty Show, from the veteranclass, at 9 years of age!

We are so very proud of Casey and thank his owners Anita and Ed McDougal for having given this wonderful boy such a fine home, where he has been so very happy his whole life through. Despite his many noble achievements, Casey is first and foremost a most beloved family pet.

Happy birthday Casey! May you have many more good times ahead of you!

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