Happy Birthday CASEY!

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On April 25th/03 we celebrated Casey’s 12th birthday. As he now enters his thirteenth year, in the long lived tradition of his line, we pause to reflect on what a fabulous dog Casey is and has always been.

Although he was sold strictly as a pet, he nevertheless was a very unique puppy, with all kinds of potential. Casey proved us right and got his championship in short order, with a couple of specialty puppy-class wins, before going on to finish with a 5 pt WD, BOW and BOB in stiff competition. Next; being easily trained and highly biddable, Casey achieved his CD and then he retired from the competitive dog-sport arena and went back to his original function as a beloved family pet.

Mostly Casey is fondly known as His Royal Highness; the King. In his owners’ Ed and Anita’s household he is the senior and top dog of 3 happy and handsome golden retrievers. He “rules” his pack with a sense of both dignity and humour and has an affection for people and dogs that knows no limit. A sweeter and a kinder leader – nor a better companion nobody could have asked for.

Casey made one brief re-appearance in the show-ring, when he was 9 years old – as a veteran dog, in July of 2001, at our regional specialty. He stunned the people gathered around the veteran dog ring, who had never seen (nor ever heard of) this handsome dog before. It was a proud moment for his owners: Ed and Anita Macdougal, as well as for us, when Casey not only won the veteran dog class, but also went all the way to a Best in Specialty Show, defeating many of Canada’s finest and top-winning golden retrievers.

Now as he is starting his 13th year Casey still happily spends his time chasing the squirrels on his home-turf. He occasionally gets into mischief as he will also fearlessly tackle any other wild-life intrude on his kingdom, such as the porcupines. Casey is happy and fit – and we hope he will stay around for many more years.

Happy birthday to the King!!

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