Happy 13th Birthday Kindred!

champion english golden retriever
(Ch Kyon’s Rock’n Roll (1988-2003) X Ch Foxwood U’r Kyon’s Spirit (1991-2004))

On October 5th/2007 one of our favorite girls of all time turned 13 years old: Now well into her 14th year Kindred (Ch Kyon’s Kindred Spirit) is in great shape and excellent health, just slowing down slightly – as truly befits a lady of her age.

After completing her maternal duties Kindred moved away from us, at age 6. She now lives with her “new” owner Robert Lindsy Milne, where she is a beloved pet and loyal companion to Robert and his family..

It was enormously hard to part with Kindred -especially since we always had thought she would be our “forever dog”… However, one day I got a phone call from Robert, who was distraught after having lost his previous golden.. and with every intuition I had in my body I knew that Kindred would be extra-ordinarily happy in his home; and thus the decision was made to let her move..

One of the kindest souls we have ever known, Kindred loves to interact with people; always nudging your arm, for one more pat. She is also an incredibly sensitive dog who knows instinctively how to connect – even with people that are terrified of dogs. In her own gentle way she can make anybody feel better: Kindred has mended many a broken spirit, as she has often been of tremendous use in many therapeutic situations… when she lived with us I often took Kindred to schools, group-homes or to seniors’ facilities — and these days she continues to play a special role, through Robert’s work (psychic readings).

Kindred is also an influential bloodbitch for our breeding program; especially through her outstanding granddaughter Annie (Ch Kyon’s Analyze This). Through Annie, Kindred is now in many pedigrees on both sides of the border – and even as far away as Mexico. At Kyon kennels we now welcome new generations of Kindred’s great grandchildren…

We hope that Kindred will have many more years of happiness to come!

Thank you Robert for loving our girl with all your heart!

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