Happy 14th birthday HOUSTY;


The vast majority of Kyon dogs never go to show-homes, but thankfully many of them still remain intact, although they are never used for breeding. Cheryl Knowlton has sent us some photos of just such a wonderful old fellow, “Housty” … Continue reading

Happy 14th birthday to BUGSEY !!

BUGSEY aka Ch Kyon’s hot Bugsey (OS) started his 15th year today– on the hottest day of the year. He is happy and well and loves nothing more than running loose in the fields, as well as lying happily by … Continue reading

Happy birthday to the king of Kyon: CH Dewmist Davenport (OS)

Davey, the KING of KYON, has now started on his 16th year and is still as sound as any dog can be! a tremendously influential stud-dog in North America, we indeed LOVE Davey dearly and our many thanks go out to our good friend Henric Fryckstrand for having entrusted us with such a gem of a dog. Continue reading Continue reading

Happy 13th birthday , Meg !

meg 13

We want to congratulate our darling MEG (Kyon’s Time Flashes by) on her 13th birthday! Here she is shown ‘celebrating’ with a brand new and comfy dog-bed by the fireplace in our kitchen … We love our Meg– and although … Continue reading

happy 13th birthday to the King of Kyon: DAVEY

english golden retriever davey

DAVEY, formally known as CH Dewmist Davenport ( OS ) is our pride and joy. After Shea (CH. Mjaeurmhogda’s Kyon Flying Surprise CDX (OS) (1981-1996), there has never been a more influential dog at Kyon- and we are so grateful … Continue reading

Happy birthday ROMEO !

As he is starting his 16th year we are glad to announce that our sweet old boy ROMEO (ch Kyon’s Hot to Trot (OS) is doing just FINE. I remember back to when he was 7 weeks old: I was … Continue reading

Happy 13th Birthday Kindred!

champion english golden retriever

(Ch Kyon’s Rock’n Roll (1988-2003) X Ch Foxwood U’r Kyon’s Spirit (1991-2004)) On October 5th/2007 one of our favorite girls of all time turned 13 years old: Now well into her 14th year Kindred (Ch Kyon’s Kindred Spirit) is in … Continue reading

Happy 13th birthday to Vicky!!


Vicky turned 13 years on May 25th and we would like to celebrate yet another strong Kyon golden entering her teenage years, in great health and fine spirits! Vicky is amazingly strong – she still enjoys her walks along many … Continue reading

Happy 16th birthday to Fancy and Lucy!!

champion english golden retriever

TWO influential KYON girls have turned 16 years old: Happy Birthday to Fancy and to Lucy! On May 3rd 2007 we celebrated that Fancy, aka ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon, turned 16 years old. In wonderful shape and with … Continue reading

Happy 15th birthday to Lucy!!

This spring our Lucy, aka Ch Kyon’s Born Free (Ch Saddleback Rechargeable Randall (OS) x Ch Kyon’s Whisper) celebrated her 15th birthday! Lucy is in amazing shape and great spirits… only slowing slightly down due to some minor issues with … Continue reading

Happy 13th birthday to Trapper!


Kyon’s Adenac Trapper, Am JH, WC, CDX, CGC, Can WC, CDX We recently celebrated Trapper starting on his 14th year, while still in excellent health and very good spirits. Trapper has been a wonder-dog his whole life through, always willing … Continue reading

Happy 15th birthday to Fancy!

Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon Our old girl, Fancy, is still with us… and we treasure each day as a gift. On May 3rd we celebrated her 15th birthday. Fancy herself was thoroughly un-impressed with the extra attention, since … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Sheaman (15) and Fancy (14)

On May 1st /05 our very special boy Sheaman aka BISS Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS ) turned 15 years old, while only 2 days later (on May 3rd /05) his delightful half-sister and constant companion Fancy aka … Continue reading

Happy 17th birthday to LADY, Ch Kyon’s Lady Madonna

In her proud owner’s, Dave Bennet’s word; “Well, she did it… Lady turned 17 years old on May 3/05 and she is still enjoying life. Wow! She is such an amazing Golden… and she continues to amaze us. Lady is … Continue reading

Happy 13th birthday to CASEY, “the KING”; BISS Ch Kyon’s Magic Power CD

On April 25th we celebrated Casey’s 13th birthday. As he is now entering his 14th year, he is following in the footstep of his father Ch Kyon’s Rock and Roll OS (1888-2003) and his mother; Ch Kyon’s Hocus Pocus (1988-2002), … Continue reading

Happy 13th Birthday Eddie!

On December 3/04 we celebrated Eddie’s (Ch Foxwood Xtra Edition at Kyon) 13th birthday. As he is beginning his 14th year, Eddie is in super shape and great spirits. He is happily living the life of a beloved house-pet in … Continue reading

Happy 12th birthday Trapper !

On july 2nd/04 we celebrated Trapper (Kyon’s Adenac Trapper, Am JH, WC, CDX, CGC, Can WC, CDX) as he is starting on his thirteenth year in excellent health and very good spirits. In his owners Vali Velhoelter’s own words: “Trapper … Continue reading

Ch Kyon’s Lady Madonna

in her owners words: “Lady is doing very well. She’s is truly an extraordinary dog and loved by everyone and she knows it! She still delights in daily walks. Although a little slower and now going for only shorter distances, … Continue reading

Can Ch Sherhaven’s Sheaman at Kyon, CD (OS)

Today, May 1st / 03, we are celebrating the 13th birthday of our resident eternal puppy Sheaman – Ch Sherhaven’s* Sheaman at Kyon CD (OS) . In perfect health and following in the outstandingly long-lived tradition of his sire Shea … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Fancy!!

Ch Hollymere’s Shea’s Fancy at Kyon On May 3rd/03 our beloved Fancy turned 13 years old. In the outstandingly long-lived tradition of the dogs before her, Fancy is entering her 14th year while remaining strong and healthy. Fancy keeps incredibly … Continue reading

Happy 14th birthday to Sheaman!

On May 1st/03 we celebrated Sheaman’s 14th birthday. The ultimate clown, he is still as playful as he ever was. This marvelous dog (with his strikingly handsome looks) continues follow in the footsteps of his long-lived ancestors. Sheaman, like his … Continue reading

Happy Birthday CASEY!

BISS Ch Kyon’s Magic Power CD On April 25th/03 we celebrated Casey’s 12th birthday. As he now enters his thirteenth year, in the long lived tradition of his line, we pause to reflect on what a fabulous dog Casey is … Continue reading


Ch Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit On April 5th we celebrated that our Spirit has now started on her 14th year in very good health and in excellent spirits. We marked this day with particular joy this year,since we are so … Continue reading

Can Ch Kyon’s Vademecum Laddie


Today April 1/03, we are celebrating Laddie’s 16th birthday. Born on April 1st 1987, Laddie is in good health and in excellent spirits. He is a little hard of hearing, but otherwise in fine form. Sold as a family-pet, Laddie … Continue reading


This spring we have celebrated the 12th birthday of both our most resident senior girls: Spirit (Ch Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit*) and Fancy ( Ch Hollymere Shea’s Fancy at Kyon*). We are thrilled to report that they have now started … Continue reading