Happy 14th birthday to BUGSEY !!

bugsye on his brithday

BUGSEY aka Ch Kyon’s hot Bugsey (OS) started his 15th year today– on the hottest day of the year. He is happy and well and loves nothing more than running loose in the fields, as well as lying happily by our feet. An outstanding producer for us, we have never regretted keeping him , once he was returned to us. Bugsey spent his formative months with a family in Toronto, where he was a beloved house-pet. He ,however, often came for boarding- so we saw him frequently in his first year. He always showed great enthusiasm when coming here, and he obviously loved playing with all his relatives. When his family was unable to keep him -due to severe allergies- it was therefore only natural that he then came to this his 2nd and original home; and thus become part of the KYON clan. He got his championship in a flash and then settled into life as a stud-dog. Now, at this advanced age, he is obviously retired and our dear personal house-pet , but he remains amazingly sound and vigorous. He is a gentle and kind dog – one that will let a whole litter of rambunctious puppies crawl all over him, while slowly wagging his tail with benign tolerance. We are so proud of all that our dear BUG-man or BUGS (as we often call him) has achieved over his long career . ‘Favoured child’ has many names– and yes; Bugsey is indeed a favourite of ours. Happy Birthday dear Bugsey! Bugsey sire was our Romeo (ch Kyon’s hot to trot (OS)) and his dam was ch Kyon’s Brindy’s Fancy notion.

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7 Responses to Happy 14th birthday to BUGSEY !!

  1. Linda says:

    Happy birthday, Bugsey! Our dear Luke seemed to have inherited your temperament, allowing Lily as a pup to tug at his tail feathers tolerantly, and they became best of buddies. Luke’s sire was Bugsey. May he be always cherished and enjoy his days.

  2. Jo-Ann and Al Moody says:

    Happy Birthday Bugsey! My you are sooooooo handsome!!! enjoy your day with the best family ever!!!

    Cosmo and Sierra

    • karin says:

      Thanks Al and jo-Ann– you have one of Bugsey’s grand-daughters (Sierra). Hopefully she will live as long as he has :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Bugsey! You are looking so well! Try to stay cool today and have a great day and a great year!

    Love from your daughter, Phoebe (aka Flame, aka Hearts on Fire), and her family.

  4. Kyon spring festival march 2006 says:

    Happy birthday Bugsey your awesome I’m a lot like you too I grew up with tiny chawawas and tolerated them and some annoying toy poodles I’m great with dogs but I have a bad history with cats and rabbits !

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