Can Ch Kyon’s Rechargeable Rememberance

moja cream golden retriever

born 1998

Can        Ch
Saddleback Rechargeable Randall
Can        Ch Saddleback Chauncey Mackinnon Ch Styal        Squire of Nortonwood
Ch.        Saddleback Goodness Gracious Me CD
Can        Ch Saddleback
Kipahulu Kincora CD
Ch        Chrys-Haefen Byron Boro
Ch.        Saddleback Christmas Crinkle
Can        Ch
Kyon’s In The Spirit of Bailey
Can        Ch
Kyon’s Rock’n Roll, (OS)
Ch Synergold        Galyard Classic
Ch Kyon’s        Footloose’n Fancy Free, CD
Can        Ch
Foxwood U’R Kyon’s Spirit
Ch        Mjaerumhogda’s Top Score
Ch Foxwood        Platinum Gold