English Cream Golden Retrievers

cream english puppy and darker gold english pupA note here about the so-called white Golden Retrievers: There is no such thing! Nor is a Golden Retriever of this colour anymore rare or ‘valuable’ than the dogs of more golden colour. Over the past few years there have been some marketing strategies (especially on the internet) that have given customers the incorrect impression that it is only the very light cream colour that distinguishes a Golden Retriever of British style from the more American Style Golden. This is totally incorrect, as the British standard allows for any shade of cream or gold. The cream Golden Retrievers are furthermore not any healthier, nor do they live any longer than their more Golden counterparts.

A well-bred Golden Retriever is most likely to have exceptional longevity IF:

  • There is an individual breeding program in place, which is focused on longevity
  • There is long experience and in-depth pedigree-knowledge by the breeder
  • There is a carefully developed line in place, where early-onset cancer is very rare
  • Proper structure is emphasized in the breeding program

At Kyon we have bred very light British style Golden Retrievers for 4 decades. We have, however, never bred for colour – but rather we have carefully kept longevity in mind right from the very start. The pups from our very first litter ALL made it into their 17th year. That set the standard very high for us as breeders– and this bar has nothing to with the colour of the dogs. From that first litter of 6 pups; 1 was a rich gold, 1 was medium gold, 2 were pale gold and 2 were cream. Their sire was a handsome cream boy and their dam a lovely rich golden. Ever since that time we have valued the whole spectrum of golden and cream colour in the British type Golden Retriever.

We are possibly most known for our very light Golden Retrievers, however, we also breed many dogs that are from a light honey to a rich golden in colour. Most importantly; we never base any breeding decision on colour. We would never dream of saying that our very light Golden Retrievers are more valuable than our richer golden ones. It is our long experience and our carefully developed KYON line that ensures the health and longevity of our golden Retrievers, not their colour. The below illustrate the shade of our golden retrievers- from the palest cream to a rich gold.

Davey champion english golden   Romeo english cream golden    shea cream english golden  euchre english medium cream golden retriever

charlie light golden retriever english    ollie english  golden medium gold  PiP medium golden retriever female sheaster english darker golden