KYON goes to the GRCC and GRCGT specialties

star english golden retrieverdixie cream champion goldenkatie cream golden retrieverwilloghby golden retriever puppyeuchre english golden retrieverespen family golden retriever

our dogs had FUN at the Ontario specialties and did SO well! many thanks to our talented handler; Rebecca McAuley for presenting our dogs!
DIXIE 2nd veteran female (handled by co-owner Robert Lindsy Milne)
EUCHRE;1st veteran dog, both shows.
DUKE; 1st can bred Dog , both shows and and then WD (GRCGT)!
STAR: 1st can bred (GRCC)
WILLOUGHBY: 1st sr. puppy dog (GRCC)
KATIE; first time showing (jr. pup) had FUN!
many thank for these charming photos, from Trudy Rudolph © Pawsitive Exposure, who captured the weekend perfectly.
Also thanks to judges Ms Susan Peterman (GRCC) and Ms Kay Gosling (GRCGT) for liking our dogs!

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